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Can the money of endowment insurance be withdrawn? What conditions should endowment insurance meet

Endowment insurance, the full name of social basic endowment insurance, is a kind of social insurance system established by the state and society according to certain laws and regulations to solve the problem that the laborer reaches the labor age limit for relieving the labor obligation stipulated by the state, or the basic life of the laborer after the old age loses the ability to work and leaves the post. Can the money of endowment insurance be withdrawn? What are the conditions for withdrawing endowment insurance?

1. Conditions for drawing endowment insurance:

1. Whether you can withdraw it has something to do with the nature of your account. If you are an agricultural account, you can apply for one-time settlement of endowment insurance when you leave the company, but only the part of your personal account can be cleared.

2. If it is a non-agricultural account, it cannot be settled. It can only be accumulated for 15 years, and when it reaches the legal retirement age, it can receive a pension on a monthly basis.

3. The fees paid by endowment insurance are managed by two accounts, that is, the individual account deposited by the employee's individual endowment insurance fund and the overall planning account deposited by the unit for the employee's endowment insurance fund. If the pension is withdrawn, only the amount in the individual account of the individual's part of payment can be obtained.

4. Most of the money is in the account of overall planning. Originally, there is not much money in the personal account, and only a part of it can be withdrawn from the personal account, which is even less. Generally, it ranges from several thousand yuan to several hundred yuan, depending on the payment period and Payment Grade.

2、 Pension withdrawal method:

You can apply to the local social security bureau according to your actual situation. The application procedures include your ID card, application for surrender of insurance, payment of social security information (pension book, medical insurance card) and other materials. And only retirement, medical insurance.

Extended data:

There are three conditions for employees to receive basic pension monthly:

1. Reach the legal retirement age and have gone through the retirement procedures;

2. The unit and individual participated in the endowment insurance according to law and fulfilled the payment obligation of the endowment insurance;

3. At least 15 years of personal payment (the payment period in the transition period includes the deemed payment period). Today, the legal retirement age of Chinese enterprise employees is: 60 for male employees; 55 for female employees engaged in management and scientific research; 50 for female employees engaged in production and work support work, and 55 for freelancers and self-employed women;

4. Basic pension = the average monthly wage (1 + personal average payment index) & divide; 2 & times; payment period & times; 1% of the province's employees in the previous year;

5. Personal account pension = personal account deposit & divide; number of months of personal account pension calculation;

6. The sum of the above two items a + B is the monthly collection amount;