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What month is the best view to Lhasa? Is it suitable to visit Lhasa in January and February this yea

Lhasa is a holy city in the hearts of many people, a symbol of faith and mystery. People who go to Lhasa are worried about the Potala Palace. In fact, Tibet is a place full of surprises everywhere. When you go to the right season, you can see the most beautiful scenery in Lhasa. What's the best way to go to Lhasa in a few months? Is it suitable for you to go to Lhasa in January and February this year? Don't worry, watch the editor to introduce you slowly.

Lhasa's best in a few months

If you go to Lhasa for tourism, you are recommended to go in May, June and September and October. The weather in Lhasa is relatively comfortable, with sufficient oxygen, appropriate humidity, beautiful natural scenery and comfortable human body. You can enjoy the blue sky, white clouds and flowers in full bloom most of the time, and many scenic spots will not be inaccessible due to the snow capped mountains, especially 9 and 10 When I went to Lhasa in January, the green in summer turned to the color of harvest in autumn. It was golden everywhere. It was very beautiful, and it was also the most beautiful time in Lhasa.

Is Lhasa suitable for tourism in winter

In winter, it's the off-season of Lhasa's tourism. There are not so many tourists. If you go to Lhasa in January or February, you can still enjoy the Tibetan new year, experience Tibetan festivals. Tickets for off-season tourist attractions and hotel accommodation are cheaper. It's very cost-effective. In winter, Tibet is also very beautiful. Without the green foil, the blue lake and sky will appear more blue, If you catch snow without closing the mountain or road, it's definitely worth seeing. However, the Lhasa wind in winter is very cold, and it's not as warm as the north. So if you can't adapt to the climate as soon as possible, you'll have a greater chance of getting sick with a cold, which indirectly causes high reaction or discomfort.

About Lhasa's best visit in a few months, I'd like to introduce this to you. It's the best time to visit Lhasa in summer and autumn, and it's also the most beautiful time in Lhasa. If you want to visit Lhasa in winter, you must pay attention to the plateau reaction. Moreover, the scenery in Lhasa in winter is monotonous, and some natural scenery will not be seen.