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What are the best-selling mobile phones in Huawei's history? Performance evaluation of 5 Huawei best

What are the best-selling mobile phones in Huawei's history? Now let's take a look at the performance evaluation of five Huawei best-selling mobile phones!

1、 Huawei mate 8 / 3gb + 32GB version

As a high-end business model, mate 8 inherits the elements of many predecessor models in the appearance design. The 6.0-inch screen gives people enough impact on the vision. The core is equipped with Kirin 950 processor, 8 megapixel camera at the front, 16 megapixel lens at the back, and 4000 MAH battery capacity of the mobile phone. Whether it's hardware equipment or functional experience, it represents the highest level of Huawei's mobile phone. The current price is 2699 yuan.

2、 Huawei P9 all Netcom high configuration version

Huawei P9 mobile phone with Leica dual cameras has been popular since its launch. Its appearance continues the fashion and slim fashion of P series. It adopts 5.2-inch 1080p screen, adheres to the design concept of all metal body, and is natural in texture. The core is equipped with Kirin 955 processor with the main frequency of 2.5GHz, equipped with 12 megapixel Leica certified dual lens and 8 megapixel front-end lens, and built-in 4GB ram + 64GB ROM storage combination. The current price is 3988 yuan.

3、 Huawei maimang 5 high configuration version

The mellow maimang 5 adopts 90% aluminum magnesium alloy metal fuselage design, combined with 2.5D glass and 5.5-inch 1080p screen, with high color value. All aspects of the configuration performance are more balanced. Although the ultimate parameters are not pursued, the combination of Qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor and 4GB ram is sufficient for most users, and there is no pressure even to run some 3D games. Especially, the 3340mah large capacity lithium polymer battery has a 10 point satisfactory endurance performance, and the current price is only 2399 yuan.

4、 Glory 8 All Netcom

Glory 8 can be called the work of conscience on the glory product line. Even such a beautiful and greasy product has no weakness in performance. The realistic effect of 5.2-inch with 1080p screen is fine enough. The back 2.5D glass material is smooth but not loose. The upper back is a double 12 million pixel color + black-and-white camera. The core is equipped with a 16 nanometer Kirin 950 chip and 3 GB memory The combination brings us almost perfect visual experience. The current price is 2199 yuan.

5、 Huawei enjoys 5S / all Netcom

Huawei Changxiang 5S is a thousand yuan machine with metal, fingerprint and all Netcom features. The overall shape of the machine is fashionable and beautiful. The screen size still continues the 5-inch design of the previous generation of products. It is solid and durable, but also has a good feel. The front camera uses 5 million pixels, and supports 28mm wide-angle. On this basis, the panoramic self timer function is added. The interior is equipped with an 8-core 64 bit processor, and The 2GB ram + 16GB ROM can not only support the 2G / 3G / 4G network of mobile / Unicom / Telecom, but also realize the blind insertion of dual cards. The current price is 999 yuan.

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