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What kind of program will the 2019 company prepare? Staff program of annual meeting of the company

during the annual meeting of the company, in addition to the dinner party, in order to activate the atmosphere, employees will also prepare some small programs. So what kind of program will the company prepare in 2019? Let's have a look at the staff program of the company's annual meeting.

Method / step:

Rock music.

There's nothing wrong with the young people's love of rock'n'roll. Let's go through the whole show together with colleagues!

A rhythmic dance.

Follow the rhythm and swing freely. Let's show your moving dance!

Funny skit.

Make up your own funny short play and make fun of the classic characters!

Sketch imitation show.

Pick a familiar piece to imitate it, or adapt it.

Musical instrument performance.

Many people learn a musical instrument when they are young. Take this opportunity to show it again!

Fan dance.

The rehearsal of fan dance performance is relatively simple. Everyone's attention is on the fan. As long as the action is uniform, the cheers will come from the whole audience.