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How to clean up mobile phone files and photos? A simple way to clear cache garbage

The long use of mobile phones will generate a large number of garbage files and a variety of unwanted pictures and videos, which occupy our mobile phone space. However, for many people, they don't understand that mobile phones are often unable to clean up or they are not completely cleaned up, and they can't completely delete these garbage. Today, the editor will teach you a simple and thorough method to clean up the garbage, photos and videos stored in mobile phones.

Folder cleanup

For some apps that produce large garbage files, some hidden cached image data is difficult to be solved by mobile phone manager and app internal cleaning. For example, wechat, you delete the garbage in the settings, but there are still a large number of residual files, which need to be cleaned through folders.

Nowadays, most mobile folders are named by English names. We often don't know which can be deleted and which can't. Here, the professor will give us a brief stroke.

Such as' Android 'and' system 'belong to the system folder, which stores system files. Do not delete them at will, otherwise the phone will not be able to use them. The English "bugtogo" folder belongs to the report file, which stores the system report file and is deleted carefully. In addition, folders such as' application, service, setting and account 'are not system files, but if you don't understand them, you'd better not delete them.

For example, files with suffix 'APK' belong to the installation package of the software, which will not affect the software after deletion; files with suffix '. Log' are program log files, which can be deleted; files with suffix 'cache' are temporary cache files, and files starting with '.' are also temporary files, which can also be deleted.

There are familiar 'music, picture, video, DCIM, download, kugou, Tencent and other files in the folder. It is the corresponding folder of music, picture and app and can be deleted. For example, wechat can delete a large number of cached files and pictures in Tencent folder.

Regularly shut down, restart and restore factory settings

In addition to manually cleaning and deleting files and photos, the mobile phone can also be cleaned by regularly shutting down and restarting and restoring factory settings.

Shutting down and restarting can help the mobile phone clean up some rubbish that hasn't been cleaned up, close some programs that run silently in the background, and fix some existing small bugs. Restoring the factory settings can clear all the information, installed applications and downloaded data of users in the mobile phone, and clear the bloated system files, so that the mobile phone becomes more fluent.

Note: no matter it is shutdown and restart or factory settings are restored, photos and files cannot be completely and completely deleted. This is also why some software can still restore the data, photos, files, etc. even if the factory set mobile phone is restored.

How to delete private photos and videos completely?

To change your mobile phone, how to completely remove the private photos and videos? You can download and save other videos and photos in the place where the photos and videos are saved on your mobile phone, and then delete them, repeatedly to ensure that they can be completely deleted. If you don't download it, you can take some unimportant photos and videos with your mobile phone, and then delete them again. You can clean them up after several times.

The above are some common methods for deleting files, photos and videos from mobile phones. Which one do you use most? Or you have a better and simpler way? Let's talk together in the message area!