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How to clean the film of notebook keyboard? Common sense of daily maintenance of laptop keyboard

Now the work and life are inseparable from the computer, the notebook is more convenient for everyone's life, and the notebook computer often use it will fall into dust and become dirty, many friends are aware of this, will choose to use the keyboard film to prevent the keyboard from becoming dirty. But there will be dust on the keyboard film after it is used for a long time, so it needs to be cleaned. Then how to clean the notebook keyboard membrane and how to maintain the keyboard? Let's learn about it together.

Notebook keyboard film

The notebook keyboard and notebook keyboard film is made of TPU elastic material. Fashion it has launched TPU notebook keyboard film for the first time. The black printed keyboard protection film developed by TPU composite material, and the smooth handle of TPU silicone bottom absorption force, which integrates the advantages of two materials into one high-grade key plate protection film. TPU is suitable as the material of keyboard protective film in the early stage.

Notebook keyboard film is a kind of high polymer elastic material, which is called the new environmental protection material in the 21st century. Its special molecular structure determines its excellent physical properties, such as: high elasticity, wear resistance, high strength, strong hardness and easy ductility With excellent temperature adaptability, it has excellent biological non-toxic, waterproof, breathable, oil-resistant, water-resistant, mold resistant, good temperature resistance, and can keep elasticity in the range of - 60 ℃ - 200 ℃ for a long time. The excellent physical performance determines that the special transparent keyboard film can withstand more than 3 million strokes of a single key.

The notebook keyboard protective film is 0.2mm ultra-thin design, only 1 / 2 of the thickness of the ordinary silica gel film BASF TPU, which determines that he has a good feel, and the excellent physical characteristics determine that the TPU keyboard protective film is ultra-high transparency, almost unaware of the convenient use of the film on the keyboard, and closely adheres to the keyboard surface, without affecting any keyboard operation.

The notebook keyboard protective film is suitable for the material of the keyboard protective film in the early stage, but it also has some insurmountable shortcomings, such as: it is relatively brittle and easy to be pulled off, and it is not easy to be fixed due to poor fit. Because of these shortcomings and poor scalability, the keyboard film is gradually withdrawn from the market. Instead of the silicone and TPU composite keyboard protection film, it effectively overcomes the defects of pure TPU and pure silica gel. Keyboard film refers to a special keyboard film with a concave groove, which is specially designed for the key position layout of a certain type of notebook keyboard.

How to clean the film of notebook keyboard

In fact, the cleaning of notebook keyboard protective film is very simple, there is no complicated process and no technology to speak of. At present, most notebook keyboard protective films on the market are made of silica gel materials, because of the special chemical properties of silica gel materials, silica gel has become the first choice of notebook keyboard film raw materials. Silica gel is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, stable in chemical properties, does not react with any substance except strong base and hydrofluoric acid, and has advantages of high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable in chemical properties and high mechanical strength.

If you use the general notebook keyboard protective film, you can wash it directly with water, no matter whether your water temperature is high or low, of course, the water temperature is appropriate. If you want to rub the protective film with your hands to rub off the dust and other dirt on the surface, you can also add washing powder, detergent, etc., which will help effectively decontaminate and clean the floor. After washing, it can be dried naturally or absorbed by paper towel. At this time, the inner surface of notebook keyboard film will still maintain strong adsorption.

If it is a special notebook keyboard film is a keyboard film with key position and model matching. The principle is the same, according to the same way to wash, dry and spread to the keyboard surface, remember not to stretch the sun, otherwise the deformation will be faster and shorten the service life of the keyboard film. After a long time, the keyboard film will turn yellow due to long time of finger pressing and high temperature, and the viscosity will also become very poor. At this time, we should consider changing one, because this color is very difficult to wash out.

Common sense of notebook keyboard maintenance

Notebook keyboard 1. Keyboard is the most used input device in notebook. The life of notebook keyboard is inversely proportional to the frequency and strength I use. Many players who use notebook to play games often use a few keys with shorter life than other keys, so please pay attention to the strength of keystroke in normal use.

2. The notebook will accumulate a lot of dust in the gap of the keyboard after a period of use. For these dust, we can use the high-pressure jet water to clean the camera lens. If you don't have such a professional instrument, you can also use the blower to blow out dust, but it should be noted that the blower must blow out cold air.

3. Please don't eat or smoke in front of the keyboard, foreign matters and soot will fall into the keyboard from the gap, affecting normal use. Drinking water may lead to more serious consequences. Generally, the bottom of the keyboard is the heart of the notebook -- CPU. Once the water penetrates into the host, it will directly damage the central processing and motherboard of the notebook.

4. Although the keyboard is not as "weak" as other accessories in the notebook accessories, it is true that the input equipment we use frequently every day is a little damaged, repair and replacement is also very troublesome; The other is that the design of note taking keyboard of each model is basically different. Once the product is stopped, the cost of keyboard replacement is higher, so we should take good care of it in use.