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Why do you always lose your hair? Maybe it's all here

A lot of people worry about why their hair always falls off. Each time they comb their hair, they will lose a lot of it. The people who look at it are heartbroken but helpless. But there is always a reason for everything, always lose hair first to find out where the reason is, can be right medicine.

1. Nutritional deficiency

(1) Protein and vitamins are closely related to hair growth.

(2) Malnutrition caused by diet, weight loss, partial diet, etc,

(3) The imbalance of nutrition caused by dyspepsia and chronic consumptive diseases will affect the health of hair.

2. Mental factors

(1) The faster the pace of life is, the more competitive the environment is, the greater the pressure on young men,

(2) Bad living habits, such as smoking, staying up late, surfing the Internet all night, will lead to premature hair loss of young people.

3. Physical and chemical factors

If the temperature of the hot air blown by the blower is too high, it will damage the hair tissue and the scalp.

Comb your hair off! Drink 3 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine in water to drive away the hair problem!

1. Shengui mulberry leaf tea -- nourishing qi and blood, preventing hair from falling.

(1) Tea composition: dangshen, angelica 15 grams each, mulberry leaf 6 grams.

(2) Production method:

① Grind the above herbs into coarse powder and put them into a heat preservation cup,

② Add about 1000 ml of boiling water, cover and brew for 30 minutes,

③ Replace the tea, add water circularly until the taste is light.

(3) Medical efficacy:

① This recipe can nourish liver and kidney, yin and heat, Qi and blood. Can prevent hair from falling

② It has a good effect on dizziness and whiteness, pale complexion, weakness of limbs, palpitation and insomnia, dry skin and other diseases caused by deficiency of Qi and blood.

(4) attention:

① It is troublesome to make this recipe, and the effective ingredients are few, and the effect is slow!

② Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of hair loss cream first choice, effective ingredients, quick results, safety and no side effects!

~Seven black coins / head. Paste~

It adopts mulberry, donkey hide gelatin, longan, ginseng and other materials with the same source of medicine and food. It follows the ancient method of boiling. It can nourish the kidney and replenish blood, increase the nutrition supply of hair, promote the generation of melanin in hair, so as to achieve the effect of stopping hair loss and turning white hair into black slowly!

2. Jiaosun point -- promoting blood circulation

(1) location:

It is located at the hairline at the top of the ears when the ears fold forward.

(2) Massage method:

Press gently with the thumb pulp. When pressing the acupoints on both sides at the same time, pay attention not to press vigorously.

[hair care tips: potatoes + water, dredge hair follicles, promote hair growth!]

1. Time: 5 minutes.

2. Step:

(1) Boil two potatoes of medium size, and then collect the water in a water tank to cool;

(2) Wash and condition hair according to usual methods;

(3) Rinse your hair with cold potato solution.

3. Frequency of use: 2-3 times a week.

4. Principle of action:

(1) Potatoes are a rich source of niacin, zinc, vitamin B and vitamin C.

(2) These nutrients nourish your hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth.

(3) Flushing also helps smooth hair follicles.