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What is the human nature of hamster? What are the similarities between hamster and human

Recently, the essence of human is very popular in the network. The essence of human is this and that. Many people are at a loss. So the essence of human beings is what kind of stem are hamsters? Hamsters are cute. What are the similarities between you and hamsters?

Human nature is what kind of stem hamster is:

The essence of human is hamster, which has been put forward by netizens recently. Many netizens also agree with this view. The original saying of this stem is "human nature is hamster, as long as you go to the supermarket to store food, you will be happy.". 'and the original origin of this stem is that human nature is the repeater.

Nowadays, many people like to call some characteristics shared by many people the essence of human beings, which is also a kind of joking. The original origin of the whole stem is called "human nature is repeater". As we all know, repeater is a kind of machine that can store and repeat sound, generally with the function of tape playing. It can intercept the playing content in a period of time, and repeat repeatedly through the repeat function until the power is off. Now it has a new meaning, that is, in the post bar or group and other online communities, once a character speaks, others repeat his words one after another, resulting in the phenomenon of screen swiping, that is, re reading. And those who participate in the re reading are called repeaters.

In addition, some people call human nature pigeon and lemon essence and so on. Recently, some netizens call human nature true fragrance, so repeater, pigeon, lemon essence and true fragrance are called the four essence of human. Repeater = follow the trend and make a neat speech; pigeon = refer to 'I know all the reasons, but I don't understand' in fact; lemon essence = people who are jealous of others with acid every day; real fragrance = face fighting. Now there is another hamster, which can be combined into the five essence of human beings.

Why is human nature hamster

The first characteristic of hamster: House

Always lead a life of three o'clock and one line, company, restaurant, home, and three o'clock even becomes two after having take out.

Second characteristic of hamster: sleepiness

Either in or on the way to doze off, weekends are vegetative, static = lying down; dynamic = turning over.

Third characteristic of hamster: eating

The meaning of life is to eat, in the name of eating, to become a bucket.