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Who is Li Wenhan? Profile of Li Wenhan

Do you remember last year's "C" competition? The success of idol trainees and "creation 101" shows let us know that the original idol group also has a position problem. My second attack, youth has your C fresh. So do you know who this C-MAN is?

Youth has your C position

Today, the theme song of "youth has you" is released, and Li Wenhan, the first C boy, comes into view. So here comes the question, who is Li Wenhan? Can you succeed in your youth? Can Li Wenhan shine like Cai Xukun?

Li Wenhan is a member of the group uniq launched by Lehua entertainment in 2014. I don't know if it's the company's strategy or other factors that affect it. You are not familiar with uniq. But those who have paid attention to creation 101 know Wang Yibo, who is Li Wenhan's teammate, but one is a mentor and the other is a contestant. It's really sad!

Who is Li Wenhan? I'm afraid many people are not familiar with him. He is a member of the Asian men's singing group uniq. Uniq is composed of 3 Chinese members Wang Yibo, Li Wenhan, Zhou Yixuan and 2 Korean members Jin Shengzhu and Cao Chengyan. Maybe you are also unfamiliar with the group of uniq, because in addition to its member Wang Yibo, who is a little well-known, other members are not very famous because of various problems such as resources.

Because of this, the company wanted them to find their own way. Zhou Yixuan, a member of the company, also participated in the similar program "in the name of the group". A man's group who has not made much progress in his four years of career, Xiaobian feels a bit pitiful indeed, but fortunately, the company has not hindered its members from developing elsewhere. To put the two members on the two programs "youth has you" and "in the name of the league" respectively is also a way of thinking in many ways and spreading the net generally. Now it seems that Li Wenhan, a member of the group, is indeed up to expectations.

It's not easy for Li Wenhan to have today. After being selected by the company, he went to South Korea for training for 4 years. What kind of training mode is South Korea? It must be clear to everyone. After that, uniq made its debut for another four years. The sufferings of these eight years must be understood only by those who live through this kind of devil training. Fortunately, Li Wenhan did not give up their dream of singing. Even though they had been holding on to their dream for a long time, they were brave enough to be themselves.

Is Li Wenhan A-level player or B-level player

It is understood that Li Wenhan is A-level player.

Not long ago, "youth with you" recorded the initial rating of the trainees, which was the time when the tutor team was exposed. However, it is said that there is no a in the initial rating of all the trainees, even Li Wenhan, a member of the concerned uniq group, is only a B-level.

It's probably because Li Wenhan really hasn't had a stage for nearly three years, and he's still a little strange to the stage. Moreover, the overall level of the trainees of "youth has you" should have dropped. In this way, it seems that Li Wenhan's strength of getting grade B at the beginning of the rating should be good!

Recently "youth has you" recorded a re rating. According to the competition system of "idol trainee", it should be based on the performance of the theme song. It is said that this time Li Wenhan has been upgraded from grade B to Grade A.

It's not easy for Li Wenhan to take part in the competition against the pressure of the outside world, but the re rating shows that he has the strength.

Li Wenhan's video is one of the few that is not embarrassing among the 100 trainees' early 24-hour pick videos, and he is said to be the number one pick in the early 24-hour pick rankings.

After all, Li Wenhan came out of uniq, a large men's group in China and South Korea, and his face value is not bad. Uniq should now return to hopeless, so I hope that Li Wenhan can be in the "youth with you" in the high-level debut bar!