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Is Dyson hair dryer easy to use? Experience sharing of using Dyson hair dryer

This year, Dyson officially launched a new hair dryer, which uses a series of new technologies. Once it was launched, it ignited the circle of friends, and attracted many people's attention. Is Dyson hair dryer really easy to use? Is Dyson hair dryer really easy to use?

How about Dyson hair dryer

At the beginning, this hair dryer is too good. First of all, the price is very high. Lausley in the field of hair dryer is not covered. It must make sense to sell it so expensive. The hair dryer has been officially designed for five years and has obtained 100 patents. Hair dryer defined by vogue UK as' transformator '. It integrates the advanced technology of Dyson, the ninth generation digital motor of Dyson, air amplifier airflow multiplication technology, intelligent temperature control technology, etc.

Air amplifier air flow multiplication technology can spray three times of high-speed air flow, with fast dry development speed. Intelligent temperature control is Dyson's new technology, that is, blowing a place all the time, it will control the temperature, and it will not let the temperature of that place exceed 70 degrees (every time you go to the barber's shop to blow your hair, it will be scalded!). Dyson advocates taking away water by wind rather than by heat, so this cold wind can also blow dry hair, and experiments show that heat can damage hair, so it's super right.

Its body is very light and its center of gravity is on the handle. Good one handed control. No wind leaf design, no hair. Third gear of cold air and third gear of warm air. There is hold key under the open key. One key can switch between cold and warm air. It is said that the wind speed will reach the speed of typhoon when driving in three gears. The wind speed is too big when driving in full gear.

It's true that the sound is smaller than that of a normal hairdryer. The key is that the sound is not the same as that of a normal hairdryer, but the supersonic feeling of an airplane taking off.

There are three kinds of air nozzles: diffusion, smoothness and modeling. The interface is magnetic. It is easy to absorb and adjust the position, and it is also quite convenient to make various shapes.

But, what does not hurt hair, constant temperature, strong wind, fast blowing, low noise, are not the key to attract me, the point is & hellip; high beauty!

Rose red and silver, high-end and elegant

Is Dyson hair dryer easy to use

Temperature control can bring a good user experience, hair will not be 'eaten' by the hair dryer

In order to understand the temperature control effect of this hair dryer, I specially put the air duct close to the scalp during the actual experience. To be honest, I was just scalded by the hair dryer at home last night, and I was still scared.

But I don't feel 'scalded' when the hair dryer is close to my head, but the temperature will still be slightly higher. The official explanation is that the hairdryer automatically adjusts the temperature. When I deliberately block the air outlet of the hair dryer on my scalp, I still feel 'scalded'.

However, no one should put the hair dryer directly on the scalp, at most, it is only near the head. Compared with the ordinary hair dryer that burns your face as soon as you get close to it, Dyson can really bring a good user experience.

In addition, Dyson adopts the consistent fan free design. Even if the air duct is close to the hair when blowing, there is no trouble for the hair to be rolled into the hair dryer. Of course, there is no smell of burnt hair.

According to Dyson officials, the air nozzles of the hair dryer are heat insulated and touchable, and the surface of the air nozzles can keep low temperature when used for a long time.

However, due to the limited time, I can't understand whether the machine will overheat the air nozzle due to the hot air blowing for a long time. But in the 5 minutes of the experience, the air nozzle did not burn.

Accurate control of wind speed and direction

At the press conference, the presenter turned the air outlet of the blower outward. I was about 2 meters away from the blower, but I could feel the wind blowing in a certain direction.

In addition, it took more than 2 minutes for the model to dry his wet hair. As far as the hair humidity of the model is concerned, I estimate that it will take twice as long to dry with my own hair dryer (model: fh6218).

Compared with some traditional blowers on the market, the air flow is weak, resulting in slow dry hair speed; some traditional blowers have strong air flow, but not necessarily controlled air flow, the control effect of Dyson blowers on wind speed, wind force and wind direction is very good.

Low noise is a good highlight

If you go to the salon to have your hair done, you will know how troublesome it is to chat with the stylist while blowing your hair under the noise of the hairdryer. During the on-site experience, it's enough to chat while driving the hair dryer. Compared with similar products, the noise of this hair dryer is much lower.

Ergonomic design, easy to grasp, easy to use keys

Unlike most conventional blowers, which put the motor at the head of the machine, Dyson blowers put it in the handle of the machine, with uniform overall weight and easier and more comfortable grip than ordinary blowers.

The overall design of the blower is simple. The switch and cold air button are located on the body, and the wind speed and temperature buttons are on the back of the blower. The distance between the buttons also makes the operation very easy. The wind speed and temperature are regulated in three gears respectively.

In the actual experience, the response time of the blower is about 3 seconds from the maximum temperature to the cold air. At the same time, the temperature of the wind is gradually changed, and there is no sudden heat and cold.

Comments on users of Dyson hair dryer

1. The main function of this model for me is that the wind is big enough. It can blow other people's bangs at a distance of two meters. It's too friendly for girls with long hair and cancer. But if you think it's not worth three thousand dollars to save a few minutes of time and effort blowing your hair every day, there's no need to buy it.

2. Modeling needless to say, seckill all hair dryers, at first thought it was a microphone. It's only Dyson to make the hair dryer like this! I really don't hurt my hair. When I used Dyson, I didn't want to buy another hair dryer at all.

3. Dyson hair dryer with three heads. This is the place where the head sucks into the wind mouth with magnetic force. The blower has three temperatures and three wind speeds to choose from. Because I don't like the old car style hair dryer. It's too slow, but the sound of this one is very cool. The wind speed is very big, but if you cover your mouth, it will be smaller. Today, I'm still satisfied with the blow down of my hair. I feel that it's better than Panasonic anion hair dryer.

4. This product has completely cured my bad habit of not washing my hair and not washing it at home. The price is in direct proportion to the effect of blowing it out. Moreover, the hair dries very fast. After blowing, the hair will not dry or wither. Before I used to bleach and dye my hair, it was very boring. Every time I washed my hair, it was just like straw. I had to apply hair care oil. Otherwise, I couldn't comb it. I was very upset! After using Dyson, my hair was very smooth. I didn't need to iron it with a straight board after I washed it! Black and long straight are owned immediately. It's worth buying.

5. First of all, the shape is really beautiful. My hair and waist are thick and heavy. It takes about 10 minutes to dry the sofa. Although it's quite long compared with 3-4 minutes for everyone, I usually dry it for 45 minutes. I'm very satisfied in this respect. After all, it's something that can be used for a long time. It's more expensive, and I can't think of changing a hair dryer.