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Can pension be withdrawn in advance? What are the conditions for withdrawing pension

Can pension be withdrawn? For a long time, many insured people have asked if they can withdraw pension insurance if they change their work units or their living places. In fact, the social security law has stipulated that individual accounts of pension insurance shall not be withdrawn in advance before retirement. Can endowment insurance be withdrawn in advance? What are the conditions for extraction?

Can pension be withdrawn? What are the conditions for receiving it?

1、 According to the state, a pension can be withdrawn if one of the following conditions is met:

1. Death of the payer;

2. Has reached the retirement age of 60 for men and 50 for women;

3. Pay for my immigration.

2、 Withdrawal of pension

In general, rural household registration can be applied for, while urban household registration can only transfer the relationship. However, it should be noted that the fees paid by the endowment insurance are managed by two accounts, that is, the individual account deposited by the employee's personal endowment insurance fund and the overall planning account deposited by the unit for the employee's endowment insurance fund. If the pension is withdrawn, only the amount in the individual account of the individual's part of payment can be obtained. Most of the money is in the account of overall planning. Originally, there is not much money in the personal account, and only a part of it can be withdrawn from the personal account, which is even less. Generally, it ranges from several thousand yuan to several hundred yuan, depending on the payment period and Payment Grade.

3、 Information required for withdrawal of pension

You can apply to the local social security bureau according to your actual situation. The application procedures include your ID card, application for surrender of insurance, payment of social security information (pension book, medical insurance card) and other materials. And only retirement, medical insurance.

4、 Pension notice

To withdraw the pension, you can only withdraw the part of personal account. You can withdraw the part of personal account by going through the cancellation formalities with the social insurance institution with the insurance manual. If the fee has been paid for 15 years, you can get a pension, but the pension standard is calculated from the year when you stop paying the fee (in this way, it is better not to receive the personal part). If the payment time is less than 15 years and the personal part is received, the pension will not be received in the future.

If they die before retirement (60 male and 50 female), their relatives can only receive part of their personal accounts, and can no longer receive pension. If you die after retirement, even if you have only one month's pension, you can no longer receive the personal part.