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What kind of dishes do Chinese New Year's feast have good meaning? New year's Feast "big dish" pract

It's the spring festival soon. Are you as excited as Xiaobian? It's necessary for family and friends to have dinner with delicious food. Today Xiaobian has prepared several dishes for you. They are delicious and have good moral. Learn them quickly.

Five blessings of auspicious omens for the new year

"Five blessings in front of the gate" means longevity, wealth, tranquility, good morality and good ending, and it's also a famous Han cuisine with all colors and flavors. In the new year, I hope you will be happy and happy in your life.

Ingredients: tofu, dried tofu, beancurd, beancurd, beancurd, beancurd skin, shrimp, squid, quail protein, jade mushroom, black fungus, carrot

Ingredients: ginger and scallion in high soup

Seasoning: salted rice wine and oyster sauce

① Wash all the ingredients, soak up the beancurd and black fungus, cut tofu, dried tofu and tofu skin into pieces, slice squid and carrot;

② Put the sliced tofu into a frying pan and fry until both sides are golden;

③ The cut squid and shrimp were scalded in boiling water;

④ Heat the oil in the pot, add onion, ginger and garlic to the boiling oil pot and stir fry;

⑤ Then pour in the soup, add the cooking wine and boil over medium heat;

⑥ Put the squid, shrimp, tofu, dried tofu, tofu skin, white mushroom, tofu foam and beancurd into the casserole, pour in the boiling soup, and then season with salt, soy sauce and oyster sauce;

⑦ Finally put in carrots, black fungus and quail eggs and simmer for 20 minutes.

★ the key to this dish lies in the whole process of fire control. The fire bursts into fragrance - medium fire is boiled - small fire is simmered slowly, and it can be done in one go.

Auspicious new year auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious auspicious

Sanyang Kaitai, the traditional auspicious language and auspicious pattern of the Han nationality, is often used to celebrate the beginning of the year or to symbolize auspiciousness. This dish is not only good in meaning, but also delicious, with high nutritional value. It is definitely one of the popular dishes during the new year.

Ingredients: sea cucumber squid ball

Ingredients: egg, onion, ginger and green vegetables

Seasoning: salt pepper oil

① Cut sea cucumber and squid into small pieces, blanch water, break up eggs and spread skin, cut into fine threads. Shred green vegetables and ginger.

② Blanch the fish balls, sea cucumber, squid and scallion, and boil them in cold water.

③ Add salt and pepper. Simmer for 15 minutes. Put in the egg shell and boil. Turn off the fire.

④ Put onion, sesame oil and shredded vegetables.

★ the key to this dish is to pay attention to the uniform fire power when stewing the soup with small fire, so that the juice can penetrate into the fiber of the ingredients evenly, making the bottom of the soup more tasty.

Auspicious omens for the new year

In the traditional Chinese New Year custom, many places pay attention to the dinner table of new year's Eve meal. There must be a dish of fish, which has become one of the necessary dishes for new year's Eve. Moreover, this dish is usually left without eating, which symbolizes that there will be a good life in the next year.

Raw material: Grass Carp (2-3 Jin)

Ingredients: scallion, shredded ginger, chopped pepper, green pepper

Seasoning: edible oil, salt, raw soy sauce

① Wash the fish, cut three knife marks on the fish, insert ginger slices into the knife marks and marinate with cooking wine for 10 minutes;

② Put the marinated fish into the pot, turn on the fire and steam for 10 minutes;

③ Add oil in another pot, add shredded ginger, green pepper and chopped pepper, add some water and salt for seasoning;

④ Take out the steamed fish, remove the ginger slices and put them on the plate. Finally, pour the scalding sauce over it.

★ the key of this dish is that the fire power must be strong and stable when steaming the fish, so that the fish can be evenly heated and the delicious and nutritious meat can be locked at the same time.

New year's auspicious omens

Who doesn't want to be at the head of new year's good fortune, all kinds of good luck come together. It's also a very delicious Cantonese dish. It often appears in Chinese New Year's Eve dinner. The finished product is delicious and has a vivid meaning.

Raw materials: shrimp, cucumber

Ingredients: scallion, shredded ginger, chopped pepper, green pepper

Seasoning: corn oil, tomato sauce, black pepper, sugar, ginger

① Clean the shrimps, drain the water, remove the shrimps' whiskers and sand line for standby;

② Add cooking wine and salt to marinate for a while, then add black pepper and ginger slices, marinate shrimps for 15 minutes;

③ Put some oil in the pot and cook for 6 to 7% heat, then put in the marinated shrimps and fry them;

④ Fry until golden brown and remove. Fry shrimps in pan to control oil;

⑤ In the pot, add some oil to tomato sauce, and add sugar and water to adjust the concentration;

⑥ Stir in the tomato sauce and then stir fry the shrimps;

⑦ Finally, put it on the plate and decorate it with cucumbers.

★ the key of this dish is to control the oil temperature carefully when frying shrimp. If not well controlled, the taste of shrimp will not be crisp enough.