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Can't you eat before bed? Eating these foods before going to bed is good for improving sleep quality

Many people think that it's not suitable to eat before going to bed, and it's difficult to digest after eating, which will affect the health of the stomach and intestines, and cause the body to become fat and deformed. These flowers are not wrong, but not absolutely. Some foods can be eaten before going to bed. If you eat these foods before going to bed, it's even better to improve the sleep quality. Then we need to distinguish which foods can be eaten before sleep and which foods are not suitable for eating before sleep.

Food to eat before bed:

1, bananas

Bananas are actually "sleeping pills" wrapped in the peel. They are not only rich in serotonin and N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine, but also rich in magnesium which can relax muscles.

2. Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea has become the first choice of tea drinks before going to bed, mainly because of its soft sleeping effect, which is the best natural prescription for concentration and tranquility.

3. Warm milk

It has long been known that drinking warm milk before going to bed can help people sleep, because milk contains tryptophan, which can play a calming role like amino acid (amino acid food). And calcium (calcium food) can help the brain make full use of this tryptophan. Put the mild milk in the milk bottle, it will bring you a warm feeling back to childhood, gently tell you 'relax, everything is good'.

4. Honey (honey food)

A large amount of sugar has an exciting effect, but a small amount of grape (grape food) sugar can timely indicate that the brain secretes orexin (phenyldihydroquinozoline), which is a newly found neurotransmitter related to thinking response. So a few drops of honey into warm milk or vanilla tea can also help you relax before bed.

5, potatoes

A small baked potato won't damage your gastrointestinal tract. Instead, it can remove the acid compounds that prevent tryptophan from hypnotizing. If you mix warm milk to make mashed potatoes, the effect will be even better!

6. Oatmeal

Oats are valuable bedtime delicacies, containing abundant N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine. Cook a small bowl of cereal (cereal) and mix with a little honey. Try to chew hard with a big mouth. It's enough to fill your cavity.

7, almond

Almonds contain both tryptophan and magnesium, a good muscle relaxant. So eating a small amount of heart healthy (healthy food) nuts is another good way to hypnotize!

Food that cannot be eaten before bedtime:

1. Ice cream

Ice cream contains a lot of fat. If you sleep after eating, you will have no time to burn fat. All sugars give the body the wrong energy message, which is then automatically stored and turned into fat. In addition, the study found that eating high sugar food before going to bed is easy to have nightmares.

2, celery

Celery is a kind of natural diuretic, which can make more urine. If you eat too much celery before you go to bed, your body will wake you up to pee. Although celery can bring rich nutrition to the body, try not to eat it before going to bed.

3. Spaghetti

Spaghetti is full of carbohydrates. After eating it, you will go to sleep immediately. It is easy to turn into fat, change your blood sugar level, and then delay sleep, or wake up at night. In addition, cheese, cream or ketchup added to pasta can also increase the burden on your digestive system.

4, pizza

Tomato sauce in pizza has a high acidity, which can stimulate gastric pantothenic acid. The fat and cheese in it will also make your heart burn.

5, sugar

Seven out of 10 people eat junk food like candy bars before going to bed, leading to nightmares all night, according to a new study. Experts suspect that high sugar levels cause more brain waves, leading to nightmares.

6, cereal

Cereal often contains a lot of refined sugar and carbohydrates, which can make people's blood sugar soar, so it is not suitable for bedtime consumption.

7. Garlic

Eating garlic at night will not only make you have bad breath all night, but also cause heartburn. If your stomach function is poor or easy to pan acid, do not eat spicy food like garlic before going to bed.

8. Chocolate

Caffeine in dark chocolate can be exciting. Almost all chocolates contain a certain amount of caffeine. In addition, theobromine in it can make people's heart beat faster.

9. Bean products

It will produce more gas and abdominal distention.

10, ginger

It will make people energetic