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What are the methods of ripening pears? What's the advantage of cooked pears

Pears are quite common in our daily life. They have the function of promoting body fluid to quench thirst. They are a kind of fruit that we like very much. Usually we eat pears directly. In fact, pears can also be cooked. Ripe pears also have good taste and nutrition. Do you know how to make ripe pears? What's the advantage of cooked pears?

What's the advantage of cooked pears

Pear has the effect of promoting body fluid and relieving cough, moistening dryness and resolving phlegm, moistening intestines and defecating. It can regulate the symptoms of heat disease and body injury, upset and thirsty, dry cough of lung, dry throat and tongue, hiccups and nausea, dry stool and other symptoms. In addition, it has the effect of clearing away heat and calming. It has a better auxiliary effect on patients with hypertension, heart disease, dizziness, insomnia and dreaminess. It is also a autumn health food for patients with hepatitis and kidney disease, and has a better effect of protecting, nourishing and helping digestion.

Different ways of eating pears can produce different effects. Eating raw pears can obviously relieve the symptoms of throat dryness, itching, pain, hoarseness, constipation, red urine and so on in patients with upper respiratory tract infection; squeezing pears into pear juice, or adding a little fat sea, wax gourd and ice sugar, boiling and drinking, has the effect of moistening throat and replenishing body fluid for those who are hyperactive and dry in weather, vigorous in constitution, astringent in laryngitis and low in voice; Cooked pears, such as iced sugar steamed pears, can play a role in nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, relieving cough and eliminating phlegm. The famous pear cream sugar is made by boiling pears with honey, which has obvious curative effect on patients suffering from lung heat and long cough.

Although pear is a good fruit, it should not be eaten too much. If it is too much, it will hurt the spleen and stomach and help the Yin and wet. Therefore, those who have cold wind and cough, cold abdominal pain, loose stools due to spleen deficiency and puerpera should be cautious in eating. In addition, pears have diuretic effect. Those who urinate frequently at night should eat less pears before going to bed. Pear contains more fruit acid, stomach acid more people, not to eat more. Pear should not be used with alkaline medicine, such as aminophylline, baking soda, etc. Do not eat with crabs to prevent diarrhea.

Common ways to eat ripe pears

There are many ways to eat pears. Different ways to eat pears have special effects. Eating pears raw has a good effect of clearing away heat. It can obviously solve the symptoms of dry throat itching and hoarseness. Juicing and drinking can moisturize the throat and supplement body fluid. Steaming pear with Bingtang can nourish yin and moisten lung, stop cough and dispel phlegm, and has a good moistening and protecting effect on throat. Here are some ways to eat pears:

Pear gruel

2 pears, washed and chopped together with the belt core. Add 100g rice and porridge. Pear porridge has obvious moistening and drying effect. You can eat more in autumn.

Lily pear porridge

One pear, 10 grams each of Lily and ophiopogon, and five of pangdahai. Wash pears, cut them into pieces, add water and boil them. When they are eight ripe, add some sugar, and eat pears and drink soup. This soup can remove phlegm heat, nourish yin and moisten lung, and has a good protective effect on throat.

Stewed pear with red dates

There are 10 red dates, 1 pear, and a proper amount of crystal sugar. They are boiled together and taken together. They have the effect of moistening the lungs and strengthening the spleen.

Steamed pear with Sichuan fritillary bulb

One pear (large), core removed, Fritillaria sichuanensis 3G (ground), proper amount of crystal sugar, included in the pear, sealed, boiled or steamed. Take twice. Fritillaria sichuanensis is an essential medicine for moistening lung and resolving phlegm. Pear and Bingtang can clear away heat and moisten lung and resolving phlegm. It is used for dry heat of lung, yellow thick cough and dry throat.

Ripe fruit


From the point of view of nutrition, banana is a beneficial fruit with rich starch. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, banana is sweet and cold, which can clear heat and moisten intestines, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, but it is not suitable for diarrhea due to spleen deficiency. Banana cold, according to the 'hot is cold' principle, most suitable for hot and dry people to enjoy. Hemorrhoids bleeding, because of the heat and fetal restlessness, can eat banana meat raw. However, just because of the cold nature of banana, the constitution is partial to deficiency cold, and the best way to avoid it is auspicious. For example, stomach cold, deficiency cold, nephritis, swollen feet during pregnancy, it is best not to eat bananas raw.

But once we boil the bananas, the disadvantage of banana's "cold nature" disappears completely. The folk prescription is more useful for stewing ice sugar with banana to cure cough; cooking wine with banana as food therapy. Modern medicine suggests that banana can be used to treat hypertension, because it is rich in potassium, can balance the adverse effects of sodium, and promote cell and tissue growth. Banana can treat constipation, because it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. The most interesting thing is that the German researchers say banana can cure depression and emotional upset because it can promote the brain to secrete endorphin chemicals.


The difference between raw and cooked tomatoes. Eat raw can supplement vitamin C, eat cooked can supplement antioxidant. The content of vitamin C in tomato decreased with the heating process, while the content of lycopene and other antioxidants increased significantly. The longer the heating time, the greater the increase of lycopene and other antioxidants. Lycopene, as an antioxidant, has about 10 times the inhibitory effect of vitamin E on harmful free radicals.


Grapefruit is a mature fruit in autumn, because it has thick skin and can be stored well. It is an ideal choice to eat when winter and spring alternate. Grapefruit is called "natural fruit can". It is rich in protein, organic acid, vitamin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other essential elements of human body.

Grapefruit also has the functions of strengthening stomach, regulating qi and resolving phlegm, moistening lung and clearing intestines, nourishing blood and spleen, promoting appetite, treating dyspepsia and other diseases, and regulating qi and dispersing knots. It can promote wound healing and has good auxiliary effect on septicemia.

In spring, it is easy to catch fire. Grapefruit can reduce fire and inhibit oral ulcer. A person eats 100-200g grapefruit a day, which is more easily absorbed by the human body. Grapefruit taste slightly sour, eating 1 hour before meals can promote appetite. You can also choose to eat it hot, leave the peel and core of the fresh pomelo, add honey and stew it.


When the apple is steamed and eaten, the pectin in it can not only absorb bacteria and toxins, but also has the effect of astringent and antidiarrheal, and is easier to digest. Cut the apple peel into small pieces, put it into a small bowl, steam it for 5 minutes, cool it slightly, and then eat it.

A mandarin orange

Orange can not only reduce blood lipid and cholesterol in human body, but also beautify skin. But in spring, eating too many oranges is easy to get angry, resulting in sore mouth and tongue, dry mouth and dry tongue, sore throat and dry stool.

Hot orange is the ideal choice. First, wash 1-2 oranges and soak them in 40 ℃ - 50 ℃ warm water for about 1 minute. Then dry the orange (until the skin is completely free of water), put it into the microwave oven, heat for 1-2 minutes to micro coke. In this way, the volatile oil, hesperidin, B vitamins, vitamin C, etc. in the orange peel can penetrate into the orange, which not only achieves the effect of health care and beauty in spring, but also won't catch fire.

Orange peel contains volatile oil, which has a mild stimulating effect on the intestinal tract, can help the secretion of digestive fluid, increase appetite, and have the effect of stomach and spleen. In addition, orange peel has the effect of cough, phlegm, and dampness.

Red dates

Jujube is rich in protein, fat, sugar, carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin P, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. Among them, the content of vitamin C ranks first in the fruit, which is called "vitamin king". A foreign clinical study shows that the healthy recovery of patients who eat jujube continuously is more than three times faster than those who only take vitamin.

But steamed jujube is easier to digest, which is very suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach. For Qi and blood deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, you can steam jujube with wolfberry and eggs. And ordinary people can stew jujube and yam together. Cut the jujube in half and dice the yam; steam them with cold water; steam for 20 minutes after boiling.