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Say goodbye to pores and make your face easier

There are many small holes in every human face. These holes are for our skin to breathe and metabolize normally. They have many important irreplaceable functions, the most important of which is to discharge skin secretions. But sometimes due to some personal reasons, it will lead to pore enlargement, and finally lead to a series of problems, such as blackhead, greasy skin, acne, etc. In fact, a large part of the reason for pore enlargement is due to our own reasons, so we can avoid it.

I don't know if you find out. When we go shopping, we always see a lot of girls take out a bag of oil absorption paper from the bag to wipe, especially in summer. In fact, this is particularly wrong, because if you use more oil absorption paper, it will affect the normal secretion of oil on your face, and eventually lead to the increase of small holes. Some people are born with oily skin, so when they choose facial cleanser, they will give priority to those who deeply clean their skin. In fact, these are only their psychological effects, because deep cleaning means opening pores, and once the pores grow, it is difficult to recover, so it is better to choose a mild one.

At the same time, there are also a group of people in life, who belong to it. They need to face the computer frequently, and the radiation on the computer and the dust on the screen are very harmful to the skin. If there is too much dust, it may block the pores on the skin, making the pores larger. So after a certain period of time, we need to leave the computer and let your skin breathe the fresh air outside.

So how can we shrink the enlarged pores? For those girls who like make-up, they must do a good job of removing make-up before going to bed without any residue; drink more water and try to use ice towel to cover their face when they are free, which is also very useful for reducing pores. It's hard to shrink the pores once they grow. I hope you can protect them well.