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How long does it take to renew Hong Kong and Macao pass? List of procedures for renewal of Hong Kong

Hong Kong and Macao pass, commonly known as a two-way pass, is a travel document issued by the exit and Entry Administration of the Ministry of public security of the people's Republic of China to mainland Chinese residents for private travel, family visit, business, training, employment, study abroad and other non-public activities. How long does it take to renew the pass? How to renew Hong Kong and Macao pass? Hong Kong and Macao pass renewal process at a glance.

The renewal of the household registration does not need me, as long as the pass, bank card, ID card / acceptance number. First apply on the official website of the entry exit administration bureau, wait 3-15 working days, and then take the pass, ID card or acceptance number, bank card. The self-service teller machine will pay with the bank card with the ID card, and then put the receipt together with the pass into the receipt, and then line up there to take it back. One in and out endorsement 20, two times 40.

You can also choose two-way express delivery. You can send it back for 7-10 days from the online application to the certificate, but EMS sometimes doesn't work on time. If you do not apply online, you can call 11185 to apply and send it back for 7-10 days. The identity card of the applicant shall be presented when the certificate is returned and signed. You can also go to the self-service machine of the entry exit hall to apply. You can put the card in the machine directly, but you have to choose one-way express delivery.

Now 43 cities in China allow people who are not registered permanent residence in the city to apply, but they can only make an appointment online if they want to go. The following certificates shall be provided: the employment personnel (except for the national staff registered for the record) shall take the household register, the second generation resident identity card, the one-year or more valid residence card of the city, the social security card of the city for one consecutive year, and the above originals + copies shall be handled in the entry and exit Department of the city; for the college students who are not registered in the city, I shall take the household register, the second generation resident identity card, and the school The certificate and student card issued shall be handled by the municipal entry exit department.