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Do cats really have nine lives? Why do cats die when they get close to the body

In ancient times, because of the underdevelopment of science and technology, many things could not be explained, so there would be many superstitious sayings. The older generation said that cats have nine lives and are very smart. When people die, they can't be approached by a cat. Once a dead person is approached by a cat, he or she may die.

A cat is a very smart animal. When it jumps over a corpse, it will change into a corpse. The corpse will stand up and pinch people. Therefore, in the wake, we should pay attention not to let the cat cross the body, or even close to it. Has such a thing ever happened? Does a cat really have nine lives? Does a dead person return a soul with a corpse?

In the countryside, when someone dies, the family will carry his body to the ancestral hall and bury him after three or five days of worship. In this process, every night someone should be in the ancestral hall to wake up. The main task of the wake man is to drive away the cat in the ancestral hall and keep it away from the body. Otherwise, the body will change and suddenly stand up and hold the neck of the person until the person suffocates. ,

It is said that this is because the cat is a very spiritual animal, it has nine lives. When it passes by the body, the dead can feel its call, borrow a life from the cat, and then jump up. Besides the ancestral hall, some straw is usually prepared. If this happens unfortunately, the person next to him should quickly cover the body with straw, so that it will be quietly at the mercy of others and lie back.

Such a thing is very common in the countryside, so it can be seen that such a miraculous event is not fictitious. And the rural people call such a thing breath, which is what we often call the blast corpse. It is said that when the corpse jumps up, the watchman's relatives will have a rest just by saying a few words of comfort. And some people say that corpses will not recognize each other. As long as there are signs of life, people will hold their necks, never let go, or even eat people.

After scientific research, it is true that skipping the body will make the body stand upright. But upright bodies do not pinch people, and they are more unlikely to eat people. Why is this phenomenon? The reason is that there is huge static electricity in the hair of the cat, which is more than 20000 volts. The huge static electricity conflicts with the bioelectricity of the dead body, which stimulates the skin tissue activity of the body, so when the cat jumps over the body, the body will stand up automatically.

The ancients and the folk said that when people die, they sometimes have a breath left in their chest. If they are flushed by cats, dogs and mice, they will be resurrected, and the animal soul will be attached to the body, which is commonly known as corpse fraud. But this breath can't support life at all. It will only let the resurrected corpse bite like a wild animal. At last, I fell to the ground tired, and I was dead.

Deceiving a corpse is not the same as resurrection, but also different from returning a soul with a corpse.

In a short period of time after death, the nerve also has conduction ability. In general, there are a lot of anions around the body. At this time, if the body with cation is close to the corpse, a weak discharge will occur, which will stimulate the corpse and cause a short-term resurrection. Therefore, after death, living things (such as cats and dogs) are generally not allowed to approach the corpse to avoid fraud. Of course, this is only the old superstition, and there is no scientific basis.