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What about salty duck eggs? Can we keep salting

Salted duck egg is very delicious, especially in the Dragon Boat Festival, we have the custom of eating zongzi and salted duck egg. Some friends want to marinate salted duck eggs at home, but because they can't put much salt in their hands, they will encounter the situation that there is less salt and salty duck eggs are not salty. What should we do if salted duck eggs are not salty? Can we continue to marinate them?

Can salted duck eggs be salted again

No. Open the sealed container for the first time, and then put salt. The egg is easy to go bad and stink.

What to do if salty duck eggs are not salty

Salted duck eggs have been marinated for a long time, but they don't taste very salty. It's impossible to marinate them again. But don't worry. It's recommended to boil the salted duck egg, peel the shell and cut it into quarter pieces, put it on a plate and pour it (soy sauce) with soy sauce, then pour some sesame oil on it. It's just as delicious.

How much salt do you put in a jin of duck eggs

When salting duck eggs, the amount of salt is very important. Without good taste, salt is not enough to be preserved. It is easy to get bad. Salt is not just for seasoning, it's also for preventing decay. Especially in summer, it's easy to break if you put less salt.

Of course, it's too salty to eat. It's not good either. Besides, salt is not good for health.

Generally speaking, the ratio of egg and salt is 10:1. The water must be cold boiled water, and the water level can exceed that of egg.

In practice, you may as well taste the salt. The water used for salting duck eggs is boiled. Put salt after the water is boiled. Don't put too much at a time. Put it and taste it at the same time. When the salt is put to a certain degree, the salt will not melt. This means that the salt water has been saturated, and the saturated salt water will not be particularly salty. It's just good for salting duck eggs. Cool the water, pour out the salt that precipitates below, and then use it to marinate salted duck eggs.