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What materials need to be prepared for health license? Health license processing flow

For some catering industry, if you want to operate, you must apply for a business license. How long does it take to apply for a health license? Let's have a look.

1、 The unit and individual applying for the food hygiene license shall obtain and fill in the food hygiene license application form at the application window, and provide the following information:

1. Application for food hygiene license;

2. Qualification certificate of legal representative, owner or person in charge;

3. Plan of production and operation site;

4. Health examination and training certificate of food practitioners;

5. Preventive health examination materials for new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects;

6. Other information provided by laws, regulations and rules or required by the administrative department of health.

2、 Requirements for basic sanitary facilities of production and business places:

1. The production and business operation site shall be more than 10 meters away from the pollution source (the dump station, garbage bin, public toilet and other places that hinder food hygiene);

2. The area of dry and wet sites shall be no less than 8 and 15 square meters respectively; the area of food business is suggested to be more than 50 square meters; the area of other types of sites shall be increased additionally;

3. Catering industry is divided into three types: large, medium and small according to business area or number of dining seats. The business area of large-scale catering industry is more than 1000 square meters or the number of seats is more than 500; the business area of medium-sized catering industry is 300-1000 square meters or the number of seats is 150-500; the business area of small-scale catering industry is less than 300 square meters or the number of seats is less than 150.

4. The area ratio between the kitchen (including raw material storage, rough processing, cleaning and disinfection, cooking place) and the dining room shall not be less than 1:2, and the net height of the cooking place shall not be less than 2.5m;

5. A special pool must be set up for cleaning catering utensils and tools; there must be a special airtight cleaning cabinet; towels for customers to reuse should have a special cleaning and disinfection pool and a special cleaning cabinet; dishwashers must be used in large and medium-sized hotels, and corresponding special equipment must be used in small hotels; physical methods must be used for disinfection of catering utensils. 6. The special room for cooked food shall be equipped with dressing and hand washing facilities, special food tools, effective air disinfection devices, air conditioners, flowing water sources, food refrigeration facilities and tools cleaning and disinfection facilities, and the temperature of the special room shall be lower than 25 ℃; The area of cooked food rooms in small hotels shall not be less than 5 square meters, that in medium-sized hotels shall not be less than 15 square meters, and that in large-scale hotels shall not be less than 30 square meters. And set up two changing rooms.

7. Toilet and hand washing facilities must be provided. Small hotels have more than one dedicated hand washing facility, medium-sized hotels have more than three dedicated hand washing facilities, and large hotels have more than six dedicated hand washing facilities.

8. A warehouse corresponding to the business place shall be set up. The warehouse shall be ventilated and equipped with anti pollution facilities such as moisture proof, mould proof, poison proof and pest proof facilities;

9. The site audit basically meets the above hygiene requirements.

3、 Basic conditions for issuing food hygiene license:

1. The basic facilities of the site meet the health requirements;

2. The employees have passed the health examination and training;

3. The health system is sound and the information to be provided is complete;

4. Star rated hotels (guesthouses) shall have or implement food hygiene quality inspection institutions, and the food hygiene quality inspection institutions shall be equipped with professional personnel who have obtained the qualification certificate after training and assessment by the health administrative department.

The process is as follows:

Notarization - filing of business license (return of old business license) - filing of organization (one copy of new business license, return of old code certificate) - filing of tax registration certificate (one copy of new license, new code, return of old tax certificate) - Bank filing (in case of change of legal person)