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Schedule of delivery outage in 2019 Spring Festival

When will the end of 2019 Spring Festival express stop? It's almost new year's day. Even the regular express boy who insists on going to work will have a rare holiday. Will the express boy insist on going to work during the Spring Festival?

Schedule of holiday arrangement for express delivery in 2019 Spring Festival

First of all, we need to know that the seven days from February 4 to February 10, 2019 is the holiday time, and all major express delivery services are basically out of service.

Secondly, Yuantong, Shentong, Zhongtong, and the last time to take delivery in 2019 is December 29, which is February 3, 2019;

Shunfeng, Huitong, Zhai express, CCES's final delivery time is December 29, among which Shunfeng, Huitong and Zhai express all go to work on the seventh day of the first month;

Yunda, the last time for us to take delivery is December 29. We need to say that EMS doesn't take holidays, but only gives half a day

Can you send express during the Spring Festival?

During the Spring Festival, only China Post, EMS and SF express can receive and send express. There must be an extra charge for the collection during the legal period of the Spring Festival. According to last year's standard, ten yuan will be charged for each piece.

Calculation of package tariff of postal express: actual cost = package tariff + 3 yuan registration fee + 0.5 yuan document fee + insurance fee (voluntary). When ordering, the system shows that the cost is the actual cost. The first weight of the package is 500g, and the renewal weight is 500g. If the weight is less than 500g, it is 500g.

EMS domestic express delivery tariff calculation: within 500g, 20 yuan. The renewal charge of mail above 500g shall be charged by area. The province (District, city) where the destination is to be sent will be classified into three billing areas according to the inter city freight distance of the provincial capital. Zone 1 (1500 km and below) will charge 6 yuan per 500g; zone 2 (1500 km and above to 2500 km) will charge 9 yuan; zone 3 (2500 km and above) will charge 15 yuan.

Spring Festival Express

Can you change the address after express delivery?

The change of the address of the sent express delivery needs to be modified by calling the express company. Generally, such modification can only be made by the sender with the right, but not by others.

The specific methods are as follows:

1. If the express has not been sent, you can call the receiver and ask the receiver to help you modify it with the sender's information.

2. If the express delivery has been sent, you can call the express customer service and ask the customer service to modify it with the sender's information, such as mobile phone number.

3. If the express delivery is in the process of dispatching, you can call the dispatcher and ask the dispatcher to help you modify it with the information of the sender or the receiver.