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What is the shame of pushing? Is it a derogatory term to force shame

The word "shame of forcing" has been on the Internet for a long time. Many people may not pay much attention to it, but recently it has appeared in the public's eyes again because of the collapse of a female star's human settings. So what's the reason for the shame of pushing? Is it a derogatory term?

What is the shame of pushing

In the entertainment circle, good resources are very important. If you can have good resources, more people will see yourself. But not every artist of the powerful group can meet with good resources, so the artists who occupy good resources in the entertainment circle, but have not been able to become popular all the time, are called the shame of forced promotion in the rice circle.

For actors, big production is a good resource. Every actor hopes to meet big production films and TV works and famous production teams. The level of such films and TV plays will be much higher. But there are too many talented actors in the entertainment circle. The competition is very fierce. Whether we can get good works depends on the strength of the company.

However, some actors are very good at starting their own resources. Maybe their team is awesome, so they can always get some good resources. But some artists, no matter how many good resources they occupy, have not been popular all the time. It can also be understood that there is no equal return value with good resources, or the number of fans and so on.

Such artists are called the shame of forced push in the circle of rice, not only in the circle of performing arts, but also in the circle of singers, hosts, variety artists, etc. basically, in the scope of entertainment circle, such situations can be described as the shame of forced push.

Is it a derogatory word to force shame

The shame of forcing is indeed a derogatory word, because this word also reflects one's achievements in the entertainment circle from the side, and the recognition degree in the public heart is relatively low. Any artist wants to have a good performance, and the public's vision is very important. If he is only active in the entertainment circle with good resources, but the rate of return is relatively low, it should be something many artists do not want to see.

In fact, when it comes to the meaning of the word, after understanding the meaning of the word, many people should have candidates for the word in their hearts. I don't know which artists are considered to be shameful in the entertainment circle? Which artists have good resources but haven't really become popular?