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What to do about foot peeling? Try these methods in life. They work very well

Everyone will more or less appear the phenomenon of foot peeling, there are many reasons, such as: dry weather, lack of vitamins and so on. At this time, we often find that the skin on our feet is rough, even with fine lines and dry cracks. This peeling phenomenon not only affects the beauty of the feet, but also makes us feel very uncomfortable. So, what should we do to deal with the situation of foot peeling? The following editor will teach you some common methods of life.

The first way is to soak your feet in white vinegar every day. White vinegar has a very good effect on beauty and beauty, preventing skin cracking and promoting sleep. At this time, we just need to use white vinegar to soak our feet every day, which can help prevent our feet from drying and peeling. Prepare a special wooden basin for soaking feet, pour 40 & deg; hot water into it, and then add white vinegar in the proportion of 10:1. Sit on the chair like this and soak for about 20 minutes. After a period of time, you will find that the skin of your feet becomes smooth and tender.

The second is to apply moisturizer. For chapped feet, peeling, the most direct way to repair is to apply moisturizer. Moisturizing cream can moisturize the dry and cracked skin of feet, replenish moisture and nutrition, and make the skin on feet tender again. In addition, in terms of selection, we should remember to make decisions according to our own situation. If you feel that the skin on your feet is very tight and accompanied by itching and desquamation, then you are sensitive skin for a long time. You should choose a cream containing glycerin, Sophora flavescens, vitamins and other ingredients. Because this kind of cream contains antibacterial ingredients, it can effectively deal with bacterial hand cracks, and effectively prevent chapped recurrence.

The third is banana therapy. Many people may not know that bananas are also very effective in the treatment of chapped skin. We can apply banana peel to the chapped part of foot skin, apply it many times a day, and the chapped part will disappear after a period of time. In addition, you can also use banana paste to apply. First, heat the banana, then soak the feet in hot water for a period of time, which can soften the chapped skin. Then, put the hot banana and mud on the affected area and rub repeatedly. Generally, after several times of use, the chapped feet will be cured.