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What about the smell of dry clothes in winter? Several ways to remove the smell of clothes

In winter, the weather is cold and the sun is not enough, so it's hard to dry the clothes. Sometimes after drying, it's found that the clothes have great taste. It's very common for dry clothes to have bad smell. What about the smell of dry clothes in winter? Xiaobian will teach you several ways to remove the smell of clothes.

1, freezing

It's very simple to have no peculiar smell for clothes, that is, wring the washed clothes as much as possible, fold them up, wrap them with towels, and then freeze them in the freezer for 7 or 8 hours, then take them out, unfold them, and hang them outside or on the balcony, so that the dried clothes will dry quickly and will not have mildew or odor.

2. Ventilation

Clothes have peculiar smell because they are close to each other and the air is not circulating. Therefore, clothes are prone to mildew, acid corrosion and peculiar smell. Bend 1 / 3 of the two ends of the wire hanger forward, and the hanger will become three-dimensional. When drying clothes, the front and back will not stick together. The ventilation inside the clothes can greatly shorten the time of drying, and will not produce peculiar smell.

3. Bathroom

In winter, when the clothes smell, we can put the smelly clothes in the place where there is water vapor, such as the bathroom that has just taken a bath, or effectively remove the odor on the clothes.

4, white vinegar

When the clothes have peculiar smell, we can choose to wash them again. Add two spoons of vinegar and half a bag of milk into the clear water, soak the smelly clothes for 10 minutes, and then wash them to remove the peculiar smell.

5. Hair dryer

The hair dryer at home is not just for blowing hair. If you find that the clothes smell, and you want to wear them out in a hurry, the hair dryer can be used again. We can use the hair dryer to blow the clothes for 15 minutes. The wind can remove the smell. Remember to use the cold wind.