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Is the consumption level of Ma Yun bar high

What is Ma Yun Ma Yun ma? What we all know is that Ma Yun is a former director of Alibaba. He created Alipay and Taobao. But recently Ma Yun began to switch to bars. Where is the specific location of the Ma Yun bar? Is the consumption level high?

Where is the address of Ma Yun hHB's Flathead bar?

It is reported that the name of Ma Yun's bar is "hHB Flathead brother", and the address is in Hangzhou. The bar was officially opened on January 7. Ma Yun also invited Wang Han, Cai Kangyong, Ma Dong and Gao Xiaosong to attend the opening ceremony. It is reported that Ma Yun also sang the first love of Hiroshima.

Why does Ma Yun open a bar?

As for the opening of a bar, Ma Yun said that he wanted to create a place to provide good wine, good music and good friends, not to earn money. However, for the name of the bar, it has something to do with Ma Yun's founding of a chip company last year. It is reported that the name of that company is Flathead. Its full name is' pinhead Semiconductor Co., Ltd. '.