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How to pay endowment insurance for rural household registration? The way to pay endowment insurance

With the development of society, many people's awareness of personal security has also been improved. People begin to realize the importance of endowment insurance and learn to pay close attention to their own interests. Before that, many friends asked how to pay endowment insurance for rural household registration. Today, the editor will tell you about the issue of rural household endowment insurance.

How to pay endowment insurance for rural household registration?


How to pay for personal insurance? For non local accounts, you can only participate in social insurance by unit. In this way, there are two ways to handle and renew social security:

(1) If you pay in your name, you need to apply to the social security bureau where your account is located to transfer the relationship. The insurance procedures include: your ID card, two recent one inch photos, insurance premium, application form, etc. And can only handle endowment insurance and medical insurance. How much is paid is calculated according to the local social average wage last year, and it is not the same every year. For example, if the average salary of a is 20000 yuan, the endowment insurance payment is 20000 * 20% = about 4000 / year, and the medical treatment is 20000 * 10% = about 2000 / year. In addition, it also stipulates the lowest and the highest grades. The payment of the lowest grade shall not be less than 60% of the average monthly wage of the social workers, and the highest grade shall be 300% of the average monthly wage of the workers. Generally, the lowest is the most. In addition, the minimum payment period of endowment insurance is 180 months, i.e. 15 years, and the medical insurance needs to be paid at least 25 / 30 years. When reaching the retirement age, you can apply for pension benefits and medical reimbursement (as long as the renewal is usually OK).

(2) Or purchase or renew social security in the form of unit. It's a non local account. You can only buy social security through unit. In addition, if dealing with social security, it is better to pay through the second unit, because the unit will bear a large part of the cost for us, and then reduce the pressure of their own payment.

These are our knowledge in this field. I hope this article can help you.