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What are the spring festival activities in Suzhou in 2019? Where can I pray for Spring Festival

The Spring Festival of 2019 is coming. Do you know what activities there are in Suzhou for the new year? After the Spring Festival break, you are not easy to be with your family. Where can you go to visit and visit? It's suitable for your family to pray. Xiaobian has arranged it for you. Come and have a look.

Hanshan Temple

24, Hanshan Temple Lane, Gusu District

Hanshan Temple is not big, but the incense has always been very strong, so on the last day of each year, people in Suzhou will go to Hanshan Temple for a new year. In the 108 sounds and movements of the bronze bell, they get a touch of aura. To go to Hanshan Temple to offer incense is to pay for some tickets, but Hanshan Temple will provide three incense sticks for each pilgrim.

lingyanshan temple

Lingyan mountain, Mudu Town, Wuzhong District

This temple has a history of more than 1600 years, and the one yuan ticket here is also the tradition of lingyanshan temple. Many people also pay homage to it. After the incense is invited here, you can eat a bowl of hot double mushroom noodles, about 15 yuan a bowl.

Xiyuan Temple

18 xiyuannong, Liuyuan Road, yimenwai

Xiyuan temple, also known as jiechuanlv temple, is adjacent to Liuyuan in the East, Hanshan ancient temple in the west, Huqiu scenic area in the north, and Ximen canal in the south, with convenient transportation and unique scenery. Xiyuan temple has a history of 700 years. No one has only three pillars of fragrance, which is pure and solemn without Yang and evil.

Ning Bang Temple

In gonglong mountain scenic spot, Bingsheng Road, Cangshu Town, Wuzhong District

Ningbang temple is on the Ermao peak of dome mountain. The atmosphere here is quiet and solemn, which can make your impetuous heart gradually calm. Every prayer here is the purification of the soul. Every festival, countless people go up the mountain to ring a bell to pray for blessings.

Xuan Miao Guan

94 Guanqian Street, Gusu District

During the Spring Festival, the most prominent point of Wuzhong custom is to worship in Xuanmiao temple and worship the Daozu of Sanqing. The ticket here is 20 yuan, but the flow of people is also very large during the new year. In Xuanmiao temple, there is also a festival set up for the Spring Festival, and a new year's blessing ceremony will be held during the new year.

Chongyuan Temple

No. 333, Ciyun Road, Yangchenghu Peninsula, Weiting Industrial Park

The first name of Chongyuan temple was Chongxuan temple, which was contemporary with Hanshan Temple, Lingyan temple and Baosheng temple. The ticket here is 5 yuan per person. From New Year's Eve to 6:00 on New Year's day, the Guanyin Pavilion is closed. It is open at 7:30 a.m. from the first day of the year to the sixth day of the year

Daguanyin Temple

Qiliwu, Jinting Town, Wuzhong District

Da Guanyin temple is the fundamental Daoist field of Da Ruyi Guanyin. There is a 88 meter high East Da Guanyin temple, which is also the most beautiful representative of China's open-air Guanyin temple. This temple is located in the ethereal peak of 72 peaks in Taihu Lake, facing the misty Taihu Lake in the south, surrounded by mountains on both sides of the East and the west, and is a resort for Zen and Buddha worship.