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What does it mean that all men have big pig hooves? What's the stem of big pig's hoof

There is such a sentence in the 2018 Internet buzzword "all men are big pig hooves". What does it mean that all men are big pig hooves? "? What's the big pig's hoof? Is it good or bad to describe a man like this? Come and have a look.

In fact, the saying "all men are big pig hooves" comes from the mouth of female leader Wei Yingluo. Once, Wei Yingluo and the girl with black belly went to each palace to deliver clothes. On the way, the girl saw the rich inspector's bodyguard, so she pretended to fall down and prepare to come to the bridge section where the hero saved the beauty, trying to take the opportunity to chat with the rich inspector's bodyguard. Wei Yingluo directly pulls up the black belly female match, does not let her succeed, the plan pours. When Wei Yingluo and the woman with black belly argued: 'all men are big pig hooves. 'since then, this stalk has often appeared in the barrage.

This sentence, as a network language, is in dis men. Chop and change can make complaints about boys make complaints about the style and behavior of iron and steel boys. They can also make complaints about boys. It is generally understood that 'men don't have a good thing'.

In fact, before that, this sentence was popular on the Internet. The second season of the Korean variety show "heart signal" ended successfully not long ago, but the outcome of the show disappointed many viewers.

"Heart signal" is a love variety show attended by all the ordinary people. Four men and four women live in the house "signal cabin" provided by the program group. In normal times, everyone works normally. In the evening, they chat and eat together, just like friends who rent together, for a month. In this month, four men and four women can communicate with each other and find people they like, but only on the last day of the program can they find people they like.

One of the male masters performed perfectly under the camera, being considerate and self-restraint. In the camera, the male host is more interested in the female 4, and all kinds of signs show that she is also very suitable for the female 1. As a result, the program finally confessed with the female 2, not with the ambiguous girl in front, and the netizens were disappointed.

"Big pig's hoof" was originally the main character's meaning. Later, the audience couldn't see it anymore and scolded the man. So it's transliterated as "pig's foot", colloquially speaking, it's "big pig's hoof", and it's the man who is always on the move.