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What's the best place to put in the entrance hall? What do you need to pay attention to when putting

The porch is the first barrier in and out of the house. It plays a very important role in the home. At the same time, the design of the porch will also affect the geomancy of the family. Therefore, people pay special attention to the design of the porch. So what is the best place to put in the entrance hall? What is the emphasis on Fengshui in the porch?

What is the best place to put in the entrance hall

1. Plant placement

Many people like to put plants in their home, because green plants have a close relationship with family geomancy. The plants we often see at home are: evergreen, money tree, palm bamboo and so on. They can usually be put in the entrance porch. They are not only beautiful, but also in the porch. They can gather money and make a prosperous career.

2. Display calligraphy and painting

The porch hanging painting not only has a good decorative effect, but also can make your home more warm, attract money and block evil spirits. Common calligraphy and painting are: nine fish picture, Chinese painting peony, bamboo picture, these calligraphy and painting are very good.

3. Display crafts

There are also many people like to put mascots in the entrance porch, such as Kirin, Chen Chen, bronze lion, etc., which can improve the family geomancy and reduce the evil spirits.

4. Fish tank

What's the best place to put the fish tank in the entrance porch? Actually, the entrance porch is the best place to put the fish tank, because the fish tank is Wangcai's in Fengshui, which is good for the family Fengshui. If the porch is small, you can put a small fish tank. It's better to raise six goldfish.

5. Five emperors' copper coins

The five emperors' copper coins can also be hung in the porch. It is the copper coins used in the most prosperous period of the Qing Dynasty. It is good for the family to gather money when it is placed in the porch.

How to design the porch

1. The space of the porch

Usually, the porch space in the home should not be too large. After all, the porch is only the access to the door. Compared with other spaces, it is not very practical, so the porch space does not need to be too large, mainly practical.

2. Decoration style

The best design style of the porch is simple and generous. If the porch is connected with the hall and there is no obvious independent space, you can use some exquisite partition shapes to separate it and create a unique style.

3. Use pattern

The design pattern of the porch must match the decoration style, and try to be beautiful and generous. The pattern of the porch can be designed with auspicious implication or exorcism function, such as: lotus, lion, dragon and Phoenix and other patterns.

4. Choose lamps

In the design of the porch, lamps and lanterns are an indispensable part. The lamps and lanterns in the porch not only provide illumination, but also have certain decorative effect. In general, the best round porch light symbolizes completeness, while white light should be used as the main light to give people a decisive and rational judgment ability.