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What is annual leave? What compensation should the company give employees if they can't take a vacat

Generally, there will be annual leave after one year's work in a company. However, the length of annual leave depends on where you work. It's different for how many days a year and how many days a year. So, what is annual leave? Next, Xiaobian arranges some relevant content and shares it with you!

What is annual leave

Annual leave is the right enjoyed by the laborer in the last year.

Compensation for non vacation

Some employees are unable to take annual leave due to work needs. In order to protect the rights and interests of these employees, the regulations stipulate that if the employees fail to enjoy the annual leave due to work reasons, the unit shall pay corresponding compensation in addition to the normal wage income. As for the standard of compensation, in the process of soliciting opinions, there are many opinions that it should be in line with the provisions of the labor law that "if the employees are arranged to work on statutory holidays, they shall pay not less than 300% of their wages". Accordingly, the regulation stipulates: if the unit is really unable to arrange the employees to take annual leave due to work needs, it may not arrange the employees to take annual leave with the consent of the employees themselves. For the number of days of the annual leave that an employee should take but not take, the unit shall pay the annual leave wage according to 300% of the daily wage income of the employee.

What is annual leave

The term "annual leave" refers to the continuous leave with pay for the retained work enjoyed by the laborer every year after he has worked for a certain period of time as prescribed by law. Annual leave includes basic annual leave and supplementary annual leave. The specific time shall be stipulated by the state according to different types of work and the degree of heavy work. Annual leave is a paid continuous leave given by the state for a certain period of time each year according to the working years and the intensity of heavy labor. Employees of organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions, private non enterprise units, individual industrial and commercial households with employees who have worked continuously for more than one year shall enjoy paid annual leave. Employees who have worked for 1 year but less than 10 years shall have 5 days of annual leave; employees who have worked for 10 years but less than 20 years shall have 10 days of annual leave; employees who have worked for 20 years shall have 15 days of annual leave. The national statutory holidays and rest days are not included in the annual holidays.

I believe you have seen the above content and have a certain understanding of what is called annual leave and how long it takes. Annual leave is the right that workers should enjoy after working for one year, and it will increase every year. If you have any questions, please leave a message.