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Do you often stay up late and lose your hair? Can stay up late and lose your hair

Talking about staying up late is a common thing for modern urban people. People in modern cities have a lot of life pressure. Although staying up late is inevitable, it will accelerate the speed of hair falling. So try not to stay up late. What should I do if I stay up late often?

Do you often stay up late and lose your hair

Often stay up late will lose hair. In order to keep the whole body running normally when staying up late, the human body will secrete androgen to keep the body running and the brain excited. When the androgen is secreted too much, the content of DHT in human body will increase, and DHT is the main cause of hair loss. It will damage the blood vessels around hair follicles, resulting in insufficient blood supply to hair follicles, resulting in hair follicle atrophy and hair loss. In addition, often stay up late in a state of tension, because the brain is in a state of high tension for a long time, it will lead to poor blood circulation of the scalp, scalp ischemia, hair follicle atrophy and hair loss.

Will stay up late and lose hair grow again

Generally, it will grow out. Generally speaking, staying up late alone will not cause permanent damage to the hair follicles. As long as the hair follicles are not necrotic, the hair can naturally grow again. At ordinary times, you can eat more food containing microelements and vitamins, which is helpful for hair growth. However, you must treat it with good sleep and sleep quality, otherwise it will have no effect.

What to do if you often stay up late and lose your hair

1. Get enough sleep

Clinical research shows that if the sleep time of adults is less than 4 hours per day, the function of metabolism system will be seriously impaired, which will cause endocrine disorders and hair loss. Therefore, adults should have about 8 hours of sleep every day.

2. Diet conditioning

Often stay up late leading to hair loss, but also can be treated by food therapy, the following is a good treatment for hair loss food, we might as well try.

Peanut and red date soup: soak peanuts and red dates in 100g warm water, take peanuts and 10 pieces of red dates and put them into the pot, use the water to soak peanuts, boil for about half an hour in low heat, and add some brown sugar. Drink three times a day, soup and dates. This prescription has the effect of nourishing blood and replenishing blood. It is suitable for the weak people's hair.

Shengfa black bean soup: 30g sesame, 30g black bean, 12g medlar, 20g white sugar. After boiling for about half an hour, you can eat the soup dregs together. Once a day for 60 days, it can nourish health, especially for insomnia and dreaminess.

What should I add to staying up late and losing my hair

1. Food containing trace elements

Copper and iron in microelements play an important role in maintaining the health of hair. A lack of copper can cause hair to fade, and iron is needed to ensure that there is enough oxygen in the blood that is sent to the hair.

2. Vitamin food

Vitamin B can promote the metabolism of the scalp, while vitamin C can maintain the normal operation of the sebum gland to secrete oil. These nutrients are generally found in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains.

3. Food with protein

The protein absorbed every day is the promoter of hair. The protein rich food can be digested and absorbed by the stomach and intestines to form various amino acids. After entering the blood, it is absorbed by the hair papilla at the root of the hair, and then keratin is synthesized. After keratinization, the hair is formed. The basis of hair is to supplement sufficient protein.