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Top ten most popular Korean TV series

We have to admit that in the direction of entertainment, South Korea has always done a good job. We learn from their variety shows and like their TV plays. Every year, Korean popular channels like KBS and SBS will release several popular TV plays. They will soon enter the hearts of people around the world. Today, the editor recommended ten of the most popular Korean TV series.

10 imagine cats

This network-based Korean TV series is about a young man, hyung Jong Hyun, who dreams of becoming a successful online writer. But the dream seems far fetched because of his egocentric character and emotional problems. One day, he found a stray cat and named him Bok Gil. Due to the struggle in life, Jong Hyun found the comfort and support of his cat, bok Gil, even though he could not communicate. Bok Gil has become a close friend of his. So, why is it called a fictional cat? You should look at it and know why! Korean actor Bok Gil takes Yoo Seung Ho's voice as the main character, Han Ye RI's voice.

9. Wulin school

The play focuses on two young men, first competitors, and finally a good friendship. Their competition began when two people were sent to the maureem Institute, which they believe hides a secret. When they live in school, they find secrets and secrets. Competition and competition are rising again, because they all try to pursue a girl, everything is different from what she once knew. In the process of stumbling, Huimei and her friends are moving towards the path of becoming a star. At the same time, Huimei's heart is growing. This is a new world, all the gains are due to their own efforts. At Qilin art high, they bloom their youth and realize their ideals.

8. Please answer 1988

There have been a series of replies from 1997 and 1994, all of which are published in the same network, but none of them are from 1988. It is said that Cheng Deshan, 45, was born in 1971, the most in the Republic of Korea. When Deshan was 18 years old in 1988, the biggest event since the founding of the people's Republic of China, the Seoul Olympic Games, was held. In 1989, when the examination of academic qualifications was conducted, the Berlin wall collapsed. In 1990, MBC radio 'Pei Zheshu's music base' began. For anyone, the era I lived in is special, and the memory of those days is very clear. On payday, my father bought the yellow bag with the whole chicken, and put my father's job in the back of the bed. My family gathered together in whispers and sat in one room and three families that I've seen. No matter you or my neighbors in the Hutong, they still remember it.

7. Six dragons flying in the sky

Korean history plays are always the best. In all these popular historical plays, there are six dragons flying in the sky. Behind the identity of these six people, eight years ago, Li Chenggui (qianhaozhen) set out for Kaijing in order to participate in politics officially, and Li Fangyuan (Liu Yaren) also went to Kaijing with his father. Li Fangyuan, who came to Kaijing, saw Quan Wenshi, who left the people alive and dead in spite of only filling their stomachs, unable to restrain his inner anger.

6. Come back, uncle

Next to No. 7 is starring Yu and Li Minzhong. This fantasy, comedy and romance is about the lives of two people who died in different accidents. However, none of them can accept the fact that they have just passed away and feel that they must come back to solve some problems. So they have a chance to go back to real life and do what they have to do. But they have to abide by these three rules: they can't reveal their true identity, they don't retaliate, they shouldn't participate in the affairs of life. Do you think they can abide by these rules? You have to find out the answer! Be careful!

5. Goodbye, Mr. Black

In South Korea, some of the most popular and famous stars are working with Mr. Black. When Song Jie, Jin Kangyu and Yang were young, the play emphasized the story of betrayal, revenge and love. He was a member of the underwater blasting team, but later betrayed by his best friend, or even called a traitor. When he came back, he took a new identity and even plotted a fake marriage with Swann to make his identity real. Did his revenge succeed? When you look at this, you will know!

4. Jiang Yingshi

In real life, the song IL kook is a great father. He has famous triplets, big man, mink and mans. But you will see that he is a great scientist. Among Jiang Yingshi's greatest scientists, he is the greatest scientist. Based on real events in Korean history, the play focuses on the life of Jiang Yingshi, who started his slave life and later became the greatest scientist of all time. When he unleashed his incredible passion and talent in astronomy, he was hailed as the greatest scientist. In the Josephus era, Jang Chiang contributed some useful inventions, such as sundials, water clocks, astronomical instruments and many related weapons.

3. Oh, my Venus

Oh, my God, I'm so sexy! Oh, my Venus is really a combination of these hot stars, Simone, and so on. The main stars are also co models of the Giordano brand, and if you see how compelling their chemistry is, you should watch the show. It focuses on a beautiful woman who is very popular in college because of her body image and beautiful face. But when she grew up and became too busy, she didn't have so much time to be herself, and finally became a little heavy. Then she met the famous coach, played by Li zhongshuo, and desperately asked him to help her lose weight. They didn't know at all that their business dealings brought their relationship closer. You'll be surprised at their end. Want to know? Be careful!

2. Cheese in the trap

The second point is the cheese in the trap! Although there are many problems and controversies in this TV series, this network-based TV series is still very popular. The stories starring Jin Gaoyin and others tell the lives of these three people, how they started friendship, competition and love. Jin Gaoyin plays just an ordinary girl who is involved in Yoo Jung's mysterious life and identity, as well as her happy personality in Ho (SEO). This is their life as college students and how they treat different types of people. Many young audiences, mainly students, like the play because they can connect students' lives with their lives.

1. Descendants of the sun

It's like you know what the first one on the list is! You're right! The best and most popular play of the year is the descendant of the sun. With a total rating of 41.6%, this is undoubtedly the best TV show in South Korea in 2016! Everyone is excited because it will be song Zhongji's return after the release of the army. This is a double surprise, when the famous Korean actress Song Hye Kyo has the interest of leadership and love! This play tells the love story played by song Zhongji and Song Hye Kyo, and tells how they fell in love and were torn apart. Because of their busy work, they have to go their own way and pursue their own career. With the hardships of life, fate seems to always find a way for them to meet again.