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How to clean clothes stained with oil? Quickly wash the grease off the clothes

It's always annoying that clothes are stained with oil stains, because oil stains are often difficult to wash off, and it's messy to wear light oil stains again. Now many girls' down coats are white in winter. Once you drop heavy oil stains on the winter clothes, it's hard to clean, even annoying. Is there any way to remove oil stains?

1. Toothpaste to remove oil stains

You can't imagine that the toothpaste we usually brush our teeth to remove oil stains is a good thing. After the clothes are stained with oil, squeeze some toothpaste on the spot, rub it gently for several times, and then rub it with clean water to remove the oil stain.

2. Flour degreasing

Take out three spoons of flour with a spoon and put them into a small basin, add water and stir them into a batter, then smear the batter on the front and back of the oil stains on the clothes, expose it to the sun, wait until the batter is dry, rub the flour with your hands, and the clothes are as bright as new.

3. Sugar stain removal

First wet the spot on the stain of the clothes, then sprinkle a layer of white sugar on it, and rub it with your hands. At this time, we can see that the oil stain on the clothes has been on the white sugar, and then wash it with water, and the oil stain will be gone.

4. Detergent dry cleaning to remove oil stains

The clothes are dripped with oil carelessly. Before washing, keep the clothes dry. Then put detergent on the place where the oil is dripped, and rub it twice. If you wash it, there will be no oil mark.

5. Remove oil stains from carrot slices

Take a piece of carrot and wipe the greasy spot directly, then wash it with hot water, or wash it with fresh radish juice to remove the oil stain.

6. Remove oil stains from bread

When eating, if the clothes are stained with oil stains, you can use fresh white bread to gently rub, and the oil stains can be eliminated.