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What about mites in bed? How to remove the mites on the bed

Mites are annoying. Sometimes when sleeping, they feel itchy and red. Especially when summer comes, people use the mat. Although sleeping is cool, mites invade the skin. So how to get rid of the mites on the bed?

1. The bedding should be often exposed to the sun

Mites are afraid of high temperature. If the temperature is more than 25 ℃, mites will suffer all over. If the temperature is more than 50 ℃, mites can become 'mummies'. Therefore, bed sheets and bedding should always be exposed to the sun. The sun is the most natural thing. It is a good habit for people to keep healthy.

In addition, it is rumored on the Internet that when you take out the quilt and bask in the sun, you will smell the so-called "smell of the sun" when you go to bed at night. In fact, the smell of the sun should be the smell of ozone, and most of the components of the mite body are water. Don't be afraid to leave the mite body after basking in the sun.

If you are really afraid of residues, you can knock the quilt after the sun, shake off the mite body debris and excrement. We should pay attention to the suggestion that the core and mattress should be exposed to the sun for 2 or 3 hours every half a month. It's better to choose 11 to 15 when the sun is strong. In winter, we should try our best to expose them in sunny weather.

2. Cover the heat with a black plastic bag

In addition to being afraid of the sun, mites are also afraid of being covered with heat in black plastic bags. It may be strange to put pillows, trousers and other bedding into black plastic bags, but it's really an effective way to remove mites.

3. Wash before cleaning and soak in high temperature

Bed sheets, pillows and other supplies in addition to regular sun exposure, but also timely cleaning. Because mites are afraid of high temperature, it is recommended to soak the bed sheets in hot water above 55 ℃ for 5 minutes first, which is conducive to removing most allergens, and then wash them in the washing machine, and it is better to clean the bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, etc. every 2 or 3 months.

4. Electric iron kills mites

Before using the mat for the first time every year, remove mites for the mat. Let's lay the mat first, then iron it back and forth on the wet towel with an electric iron. Keep the wet towel pressed on each part for a long time, so that the mites can be killed with high-temperature steam. It also solves the problem that the mat is difficult to soak in hot water. Towels can also absorb and take away mite bodies, eggs and feces. Therefore, they should be washed several times during ironing