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Huawei has a long way to go to be the No.1 in the world, which is far worse than apple

Huawei won a battle in 2018, which is a year of great harvest. In addition, Huawei's innovation in the field of mobile phones this year is also obvious. Since the release of GPU turbo, Huawei has been on an innovative path, such as the nine liquid cooling technology, AIS handheld super night view, yoyo intelligent life, under screen camera head, link turbo, etc.

Because of this, many people think that Huawei has completely surpassed apple, and will open a gap with apple in the future, or even more and more, far beyond apple.

There is no denying that Huawei's mobile phone is very good, but we must admit that at present, Huawei's mobile phone has three points that are not comparable to the iPhone.

The first point is the ecology. The ecology of IOS is absolutely the first in the world. No matter the quality of app or the user's willingness to consume, at present, Android can't compete with others. No matter what you say, Android has a good experience, a good ecology, or a little worse than IOS. Now we buy mobile phones to buy comprehensive experience, ecology is the most important!

The second is chips. Apple's A-Series chips are much better than Huawei's Kirin. Some people say that they are at least two generations ahead. This may not be recognized by many people, but it should be OK to be one generation ahead.

The performance of the chip determines the performance of the mobile phone. With more and more playing methods of the mobile phone, the performance is more and more important, and there is never any excess performance.

The third is the brand. Apple's brand reputation is incomparable, which is much stronger than Huawei's mobile phone. Because of this, the iPhone can achieve a high premium. It can sell more than 8000 mobile phones with a hardware cost of more than 3000. Huawei can't. no one can buy them if they are expensive. So apple can account for 80% of smartphone profits, while Huawei can only account for 10%.

The gap of the above three points determines the gap between Huawei and apple at present. Even though the sales volume of mobile phones exceeds that of apple, the comprehensive strength is still much worse than that of apple. As long as IOS doesn't fall, Apple's brand reputation is here, and the high premium is here. How many times more Huawei's mobile phones can't catch up with apple in terms of profit?