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Do you have a real estate certificate for the house to be relocated? What should be paid attention t

Compared with commercial housing, demolition housing is cheaper. It belongs to enjoying national preferential policies. However, its environment is not as good as that of commercial housing. However, some people are concerned about the real estate certificate of demolition housing. Is there a real estate certificate for demolition housing?

Precautions for house demolition:

For undocumented houses to be demolished, it is necessary to distinguish the situation when purchasing.

1. It is necessary to go through notarization procedures, in order to prevent unnecessary disputes in the future;

2. In order to increase the income, some development enterprises can provide rename (transfer) services after the house demolition transaction. It is a relatively good solution to appropriately charge some fees. Therefore, it is very important for you to understand the nature of the house to be demolished. You can consider renaming the agreement of demolition. When renaming, notarization is required;

3. Investigate the nature of the property right before the demolition. If the property right certificate is available before the demolition, only the developer fails to handle it in time after the demolition. If there is a demolition agreement, although it is troublesome, the property right certificate can be handled in the future.

If the procedures of the house demolition are not complete, and the house demolition agreement cannot be transferred in practice, the house property certificate will usually be handled according to the demolition agreement and other relevant information. After the house property certificate is handled, the property right still belongs to the original owner, which is not conducive to your protection of rights and interests. You can confirm the relevant matters to the selling unit, or carefully check the purchase agreement you signed.

Can the house be sold?

Generally, it takes five years for houses to be demolished to be listed and traded. Whether the houses can be listed for trading or not can be judged simply according to the nature of the land. Collective land belongs to the collective. Most villages and towns are of such land nature. If it is state-owned land, you can apply for the real estate certificate, and then it can be listed for trading. Some can never get the real estate certificate, such as collective land, unless he changes the nature of the land. Some of them can't be traded in a short period of time, such as some resettlement houses. The state has relevant regulations in this regard. Generally, there are two certificates for real estate, the real estate certificate and the land certificate. The real estate certificate simply means that the house belongs to you. If the building is gone and you want to build on the original land again, you must obtain the approval of the relevant departments. The land certificate indicates that the land belongs to you. No matter whether the buildings exist or not, others have no right to build things on your site. This is an infringement of your rights and interests.

Do you have real estate certificate for house demolition?

The house to be demolished does not include the land transfer money, and the house property certificate cannot be obtained immediately, but it can be obtained after five years.