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How to delete wechat chat record completely? How to clear wechat chat data completely

Wechat is a social software that we often use. In real life, we use wechat chat every day, which will generate a lot of data. Although many friends will empty it regularly, does emptying mean deleting it completely? In fact, today's editor will teach you how to delete wechat chat records completely. Let's learn!

Usually, when we delete WeChat friends' chat records, we click friends' information, and then press the top right corner. There is a function to clear the chat records in the pop-up page. But can this really clear the chat records completely? In fact, it can not. It just clears the WeChat chat records on the surface, but there is still chat data in the phone

Step one:

First, we open wechat and click my settings

The second step:

There will be a general purpose in the settings. We choose wechat storage space

The third step:

Then the pop-up page will show how much memory wechat occupies in the mobile phone, and then click Manage wechat storage space

The fourth step:

After that, we choose this "manage chat data of current wechat account" to view the chat data of us and different people, which occupy a certain amount of memory. As long as we check all of them, we'd better click Delete below, so that the data is completely deleted, so that it can't be recovered after deletion