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What wonderful movies did you miss in 2018? Top ten inspirational films in China

There are many good-looking, inspirational and inspiring films in 2018, so what wonderful films did you miss in 2018? Learn about the top ten inspirational movies in China.

The "2018 top ten domestic films promotion conference and 2018 China Film Review forum" hosted by China Film Review society was held in Beijing on December 30, at which the selection results of "2018 top ten domestic films of China Film Review society" were released.

Participants in the industry think that in 2018 domestic films, the performance of real themes is very eye-catching. Among the top ten films, I'm not the God of medicine, wolf, find you and violent silence are all excellent works reflecting real problems.

China Film Review Association (CFCA) released the list of top ten domestic films in 2018. I'm not the God of medicine tops the list. Action in the Red Sea, matchless, shadow, unknown, evil doesn't oppress the right, violent crack and silence, alajiang color, a good play and find you are successively shortlisted.

In addition, the "matchless", "shadow" and "evil does not oppress the right" which are shortlisted in the "top ten" also reflect the level of China's film industry, and have achieved good box office results.

Yin Hong, Professor of School of Journalism and communication, Tsinghua University, vice chairman of China Film Association and vice chairman of China Film Review Association, pointed out at the meeting that the current state of Chinese film industry is' industry meets cold winter, creation meets warm spring '; for' capital winter ', Rao Shuguang, director of film arts center of China Federation of literary and art, and President of China Film Review Association, believed that 30% of the film industry Speed growth is not necessarily a good thing. In fact, the speed of 12% is just right. Quality is the key to sustainable development, driving the industry out of the severe winter.