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How can I get a train ticket and a student ticket? 12306 notes for students to buy tickets

Colleges and universities are about to usher in the winter vacation, which also means that the train ticket student ticket rush into the peak period. For college students, when they buy tickets, will they encounter many problems? For example, how can I get a student ticket? What should I pay attention to when I get a student ticket? Today's editor will answer for you one by one!

1、 How to buy student tickets

1. Station ticket window

In addition to students over 1.5m in height and under 16 years old, they can purchase real name tickets with their own student cards, and other eligible students can purchase student tickets with the required valid identity cards and discount preferential cards (primary school students with written certificates).

2. 12306 official website

Fill in the valid ID card and student information on the website. The registered user is a student, and the type of passenger is "student". Purchase tickets on behalf of other students, add common contact person 'passenger type is filled in as' student', and fill in student information correctly.

2、 How to get a student ticket

There are two ways to get a student ticket. One is the window of the railway station. The other is the self-service ticket machine. How can I get a ticket in these two ways?

1. Get student tickets at the railway station window

It's very simple to pick up student tickets at the railway station window. As long as you take your student card and ID card with you, you can directly pick up the ticket by handing it to the staff. When picking up the ticket, the staff will swipe your student card discount card once, and the number of your student card discount card will be reduced once accordingly.

2. Self service ticket machine for student tickets

If the student ticket is taken from the independent ticket machine, the student card and ID card shall also be taken, and the steps for taking the ticket are as follows:

Click "Internet ticket collection" to pop up "please input the second generation ID card";

Put the second generation ID card in the identification area. After information identification, the order information of students booking tickets online will appear on the screen;

Then put the student ID card in the ID card identification area, the system will automatically identify the information in the student ID card discount card, and check whether the information on the ID card and the discount card is consistent;

Select the student ticket to be taken out and click Print. If the student ticket is printed successfully, the ticket can be taken out.

3、 Necessary conditions for student card purchase

Many people mistakenly think that students can buy student tickets as long as they have student cards. In fact, this is not the case. To buy student tickets with student cards, the following conditions must be met:

1. There is a student card discount card, student card only with a discount card to enjoy the purchase of tickets;

2. There are times of discount card, and there are four times of discount for student card in a year. If the times are used up, there is no way to buy a ticket;

3. The preferential zone and the bus zone must be the same. For example, if the student card zone is Guangzhou Chaoshan, the student ticket can buy the ticket from Guangzhou south Chaoshan (the same city station can buy the student ticket).

4、 Student ticket purchase and certificate

In addition to the ID card, the student card is also necessary when taking the student ticket. If there is no student card, you can also take the ticket with these cards:

1. In addition to the written certificates of primary school students, students of other general colleges and universities, middle schools, secondary vocational schools and technical schools must bring their student cards when purchasing tickets. The student ID card must be registered in time, with the preferential zone indicated, and the discount coupon with the official seal of the University attached;

2. If you are a new student who has just been admitted, you can buy a student ticket from home to school with the admission notice;

3. The graduates shall purchase the student ticket of the school home once with the written certificate issued by the school.