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How can I go to Chongqing without these places! Strategy points of playing Chongqing in 2019

When we talk about Chongqing, we all think of Chongqing hotpot. Chongqing hotpot is famous all over the world. Relatively speaking, Chongqing has a lot of delicious food. There are countless, so what are the places that must be played in Chongqing's night view when we go to Chongqing? How can I go to Chongqing without these places! Take a look at the strategy of playing Chongqing in 2019.

places to see the night view of Chongqing mountain city:

Nanbin Road

Nanbin Road tourism and sightseeing area is 25 kilometers long, covering an area of 160000 square meters. It is a city sightseeing and leisure landscape Avenue integrating flood control and bank protection, urban road, old city reconstruction, catering, entertainment and leisure.

What is the beauty of Nanbin road at night? Why do you enjoy such a high appraisal. This is mainly due to its unique geographical location, including mountains, water, and bridges (there are six Yangtze River bridges on Nanbin road in a short span of more than 20 kilometers), which constitute the incomparable advantages of other Binjiang roads, especially the buildings built near the river are more magnificent and spectacular under the background of mountains, rivers and bridges.

No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, as long as the sun is setting and the lights are shining, you can choose any place to watch on Nanbin Road, and you can see the beautiful night scene. I believe it will bring you a surprise! Standing on the bank, you can not only see the sparkling water on the river, the scene of ships coming and going, but also hear the sound of the whistle from the river.

Introduction to night view:

Nanbin road is one of the largest riverside parks in China, with six scenic spots: Huangge Wandu, Haitang Yanyu, Longmen Haoyue, Zishui Xiaodeng, Xiajiang port opening and Yuwang's trace. Every scenic spot has its unique flavor. It will take about 2 hours to visit, and finally enjoy the night view of Yuzhong on the other side of Chaotianmen. The landscape of this process is very beautiful. I think the most beautiful place in Chongqing is here. You can take the Yangtze River cableway back to the central Chongqing area. There is a subway exit when you go out. I highly recommend it.

You can rent a bike nearby and watch the night scene with the sea breeze on your bike. It's really comfortable.

Play around:

Here you can not only taste the delicious food of the whole country, but also the famous dishes of Chongqing, such as pickled fish, spicy chicken, Mapo Tofu, spring chicken, twice cooked meat, boiled fish and so on. Nanbin Road, Chongqing famous snacks are also dazzling.

Nanbin road also has a food street, the biggest feature is that the location of each restaurant is excellent, because the opposite is the Yangtze River, you can eat and view at the same time. There are also places like bar street nearby. Many bars and teahouses are next to the river, playing cards and drinking tea, chatting and blowing are very pleasant. It's especially suitable for going in the evening. The lights are bright all the way. Many people come to eat at night. It's very lively. It's beautiful to see the night scene.

Transportation Guide:

Take bus 375 to Nanbin road bridge. Take bus 338, 353, 373 to Nanbin Road, Xiaoyue Road, take bus 872 to Nanbin Road, catering street, etc. to Nanbin road.