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Is drinking red wine harmful to your throat at night? What are the functions of wine

Wine is the most varied wine in the world. It is a living wine and the only wine with weak alkalinity. Many people like to drink red wine at night. They feel that they can adjust the taste of life. Is drinking red wine harmful to their throat at night? What are the functions of wine?

the French eat so many high-fat foods. A French meal takes hours, but the proportion of heart disease in the French is very low, because wine is an important part of French meal. Moderate drinking of wine can delay aging (beauty and beauty), prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, help reduce cholesterol, prevent cancer and so on.

Wine has the following functions:

Tonic, bactericidal, diuretic, anti-aging, prevention and treatment of cerebral thrombosis, cancer prevention, breast cancer prevention, metabolism promotion, myocardial protection, heart disease prevention, blood vessel softening, lung and lung protection, appropriate amount of red wine can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, reduce cholesterol, wine can prevent and treat kidney stones, increase appetite, supply heat, relieve fatigue, inhibit lipid Fat absorption, weight loss, prevention and treatment of retinal degeneration, help to improve memory, prevention and treatment of cold, prevention of dental disease.

Drink red wine properly every night, no problem, and no harm to your throat. Excessive drinking is harmful to health.