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How to identify the authenticity of Maotai liquor? How to identify the authenticity of Maotai wine

Maotai is really popular now. It's hard to find a bottle now. Therefore, the fake technology of Maotai is getting higher and higher, and the appearance is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish the authenticity! The Spring Festival is coming soon, and all kinds of fake Maotai liquor will begin to flow to the market, so it is very important to identify the authenticity of Maotai liquor!


The official teaches you to distinguish the true from the false

How to distinguish the true from the false? The official tells you!

(1) Identification method of Maotai liquor

① Maotai liquor packaging materials are bright and uniform in color, uniform in line thickness and exquisite in packaging technology.

② The anti-counterfeiting rubber cap is bright red in color, delicate in feel and excellent in workmanship, and presents the bright yellow "Moutai" national liquor Moutai "under the smooth light.

③ It is observed by hand-held anti-counterfeiting recognizer that the top of anti-counterfeiting rubber cap is bright yellow, and a black shadow appears. When shaking the bottle body, the shadow moves irregularly on the top.

In addition, the common "Maotai liquor" in the market, the "special liquor for the service bureau of the State Council organ affairs administration organ service bureau" and the "special liquor for the army" are all counterfeit and infringing products.

(2) Identification method of series wine

The company's series products mainly include Maotai Prince wine, Maotai welcome wine, laimao wine, Huamao wine, Wangmao wine, Hanjiang wine, Renjiu and so on.

The series wine is mainly identified by anti-counterfeiting label:

① When the dots on the four corners of the label are heated to 60 ℃, the pattern is black and unrecoverable;

② A set of 16 digit random numbers can be seen after the wine bottle is scraped off, and multicolor bars can be seen in each number;

③ Visually observe the holographic characters of the label and open the skylight safety line, and the laser holographic MT characters can be seen in the line;

④ Under the fluorescent light, the red filament turns bright red and the blue filament turns bright blue.


Distinguish the true from the false from the ink jet code

Zhu Jun, curator of China Wine Culture Museum, will tell the public how to distinguish the true and false Maotai wine from the code.

According to curator Zhu, Moutai has been using a printer to print dates since 1995. The location of the date is on the sealing film that covers the cap.

According to the material usage and font change of the sealing film, this period is divided into three stages: 1995-2000; 2000-2009; 2009-2015.

For the date printed by the inkjet printer, each word is composed of several small dots, for example, '1' word is composed of 10 small dots; the date of this period is 6 digits, without '19' in front;

In addition, it is normal that there is fracture and displacement in the middle of the ink jet printing group in 1995 and 1996, but there is no such dislocation in the fake wine. This is due to the phenomenon that the number is printed when the sealing film is not completely dry, and the sealing film is completely dry and contracted.

From 1995 to 2000, the number "1" wore shoes and hats, and there was a slash in the word "0"

In 1996, the Italian anti-counterfeiting and anti pouring bottle cap was introduced into Maotai liquor, and the sealing film of the bottle cap was changed into transparent plastic sealing film. The printing date is printed on the transparent sealing film, the font is relatively regular and clear, and there is seldom the phenomenon of breaking and displacement of the font before.

Zhu said: 'there are many imitations during this period, which are mainly reflected in the date of font deformation, hand-made inkjet printing, fuzzy font, easy to erase, etc. '

In the second half of 2000, the inkjet font changed. The overall change was that the font was a little thinner than before, the word '7' had no tick, and the word '0' had no slash.

From the second half of 2000 to 2009, the inkjet font was divided into several groups: the mixed use of '1' characters' wearing shoes and hats' and 'wearing hats without shoes'; the slash' / 'was removed from the middle of the number' 0 '; the font was thinner and narrower than before, the font was clear, and it was not easy to wipe off; the single spray point was round, and there was no corner thorn.

After the second half of 2000, the font was a little thinner and narrower than before, with '7' without tick and '0' without slash. In this period, the problem of imitations is mainly that the font is fuzzy and easy to erase; the ink-jet printing points are piled up and the marks of ink-jet points are indistinguishable.

In the second half of 2009, Maotai liquor bottle mouth changed the sealing film. This time, the sealing film is quite different from the previous one. Although it's also a red plastic film, it's not transparent, it's not an alcohol shrink film. It looks like a cloth bag on the bottle cap.

Zhu said: 'hot air can change its hardness and softness, which is mainly reflected in the date. There are also some changes. '

In this period, because the surface of the sealing film is full of particles, the ink jet printing is very thick, the particles of dots overlap together, and there are few independent small dots.

Therefore, in this period, it is not suitable to test the authenticity of the ink-jet printing with the circle or not; the number '1' is still wearing shoes and hats, and the lower right part of the number '9' is a slash '/', which is composed of three dots.

It's a fake Maotai liquor

Around 2012, the feature of the code spraying is that the first two numbers' 20 'in' 2012 'are often' riding 'on or next to the bonding joint. The word "Maotai" is on the left side of the bonding joint, and the number is on the right side of the bonding joint. The law of other years needs further study.

Curator Zhu said that the date of fake wine in this period is not easy to see, perhaps the cost of counterfeiting has increased. The printer they used is the same as the real machine, and the effect of the printed characters is the same, which is not easy to check. Therefore, it is difficult to identify this period as fake wine only by its printing date. '

Finally, he still reminded the public that the identification of Maotai by its date is one of the main methods, but not the only one. In order to establish the authenticity of other Moutai liquor, it is necessary to master the unique rules and characteristics of the date of Moutai liquor, which will help to improve the identification ability.

At the same time, it should be combined with other identification methods, such as identification identification, seal identification, bottle type identification, etc. to carry out comprehensive identification, so as to improve the accuracy of identification of Maotai liquor.


Where can I identify the truth

(1) Where can we identify the authenticity of the product?

Convenient identification service is a powerful measure for the company to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and to safeguard the brand reputation with the help of the society.

At present, Maotai company has set up 32 convenient identification service centers in provincial capitals, basically all of which are directly operated companies in provincial capitals. If consumers have any questions about the purchased products, they can take them to the service center for consultation and identification, and the company's counterfeiters will do their best to provide services.

(2) How to buy fake wine inadvertently?

If consumers buy counterfeit products inadvertently, please keep the purchase invoice, complain and report to the local market supervision department, or provide effective clues to the company. The company will carry out rights protection work with consumers as the infringed, and fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

When bosses enter the fake Maotai, they also need to keep relevant evidence and report complaints.