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How can I apply for a travel permit to Taiwan? What information do I need to apply for the entry per

The Spring Festival is coming. Now everyone's living standard has improved. Many people want to try the new year's festival in other places. Taiwan is a good choice. However, when you go to Taiwan, you need to apply for a Taiwan pass. Here's how to deal with it.

1. Place of handling

In fact, whether you travel alone, in groups or in freedom, you can go to the entry-exit reception hall (room) of each public security sub County Bureau.

The tour group leader shall go to the reception hall of the entry exit management team of the Municipal Bureau for tourism to Taiwan.

Except for travel to Taiwan, please go to the reception hall of the entry exit management team of the Municipal Bureau to apply for the "mainland resident pass to Taiwan" and sign.

2. Time limit for handling

10 working days from the second working day after the application is submitted.

3. Handling expenses

The pass is 80 yuan for each certificate, 15 yuan for one valid endorsement and 80 yuan for multiple valid endorsements.

4. Materials required

The following materials shall be submitted for personal free travel:

1. Two inch plain photo paper with white or light blue background for the recent front color photo of the client. One.

2. Submit the original and A4 copies of household register and ID card for inspection..

3. Fill in the complete application form for XX city residents to and from Taiwan.

5. Information required for entry permit

1. Scanning copy of Datong certificate and endorsement within the validity period

2. Personal travel application form

3. Identification

① Front and back of ID card

② Home page and personal page of my account book

4. Photo (Electronic): my 2-inch white background color photo (recent half year photo, ear exposure required, 4.5cm & times; 3.5cm)

5. Emergency contact information

① The mainland emergency contact person must have direct family relationship with the traveler. If the relationship certificate cannot be shown, he / she shall go to the public security organ to issue the kinship certificate

② Emergency contact person id card account book home page, personal page (positive and negative color scanning)

6. Financial Certificate (1 out of 3)