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Beijing Li highway is open to traffic 12 hours on New Year's Day! People can get to the National Hig

On the morning of December 28, the reporter learned from Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission that the plain section of Xingyan Expressway and Yanchong Chonghua expressway will be opened to traffic at 12:00 on January 1, 2019. People can go straight to the National Highway 110 from the sixth ring road. Let's have a look.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Commission, the completion and opening of the two expressways marks the perfect ending of the construction of seven key road guarantee projects (Xingyan expressway, plain section of Yanchong expressway, Yankang Road, kangzhang Road, Baikang Road, Dongjiang road and Yannong Road) for the World Horticultural Exposition, and the transition from the construction period to the operation guarantee period.

According to the requirements of Beijing local standard "rules for the naming and numbering of expressways across provinces and cities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei", Xingyan Expressway and Yanchong Chongli Expressway jointly form Beijing Chongli expressway, which is called Jingli expressway for short.

Xingyan Expressway starts from SHUANGHENG interchange of the Sixth Ring Road in the northwest in the South and ends at Yingchengzi interchange toll station of Yanqing Beijing Tibet Expressway in the north. It passes through Changping and Yanqing districts. The total length of the route is about 42km, with two-way four lane road, three super major bridges, five major bridges and five tunnels. The bridge tunnel ratio of the whole line is 64%.

After the project is completed and opened to traffic, it will serve Yanqing World Horticultural Exposition in 2019 in the near future. In the long term, it will connect with Yanchong expressway, provide traffic guarantee for 2022 Winter Olympics, form the third Expressway in the northwest of Beijing, and become an important part of Beijing Tianjin Hebei integrated road grid Bureau.

With a total length of 116km, Yanqing Chongli expressway is a direct highway between Yanqing stadium and Chongli stadium of Zhangjiakou in 2022 Winter Olympic Games. It is also an important transportation project for bidding. The total length of Beijing section is about 33.2km (15.2km for plain section and 18km for mountainous section), starting from the west side of dafutuo village in Yanqing District, connecting with the Xingyan Expressway under construction, and ending at the city boundary connecting with the Hebei section of Yanchong expressway. The whole line has two-way four lanes, 5 interchanges, 18 bridges and 6 tunnels (the longest tunnel is about 9.2km). The main line toll station is set up uniformly in the Hebei section of Yanchong expressway, and there is no main line toll station in Beijing boundary. After the opening of the plain section of Yanchong expressway, the citizens can directly reach the National Highway 110 from the Sixth Ring Road, adding a high-speed channel from Beijing urban area to Yanqing urban area and Yudu mountain scenic area.

As one of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei integrated northwest expressway, the Beijing section of Yanchong expressway is a fast traffic artery connecting Beijing urban area, Yanqing new city and Zhangbei area of Hebei Province. It is of great significance to relieve the traffic pressure of Beijing Tibet G6 and Beijing New G7 passenger and freight transportation, and promote the development of economy and tourism in the poverty-stricken areas of Zhangbei.

In the past, it took about 4 years for a highway to start planning, design and construction. Yanchong expressway has achieved the fastest speed in the history of "the project was started in that year". At the same time, the Beijing section of Yanchong expressway is also a pilot project of "green highway" and "quality engineering" of the Ministry of transport. Try to reduce the damage to the environment, sedimentation and oil skimming treatment of construction waste water.