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What procedures does the house loan need? Procedures of house loan

with the rapid rise of house prices, the pressure of young people is growing. Most of them are buying houses with mortgage loans. What are the procedures for housing loans? Learn about the procedures of house loan.

mortgage loan process:

1) The borrower applies to the loan bank for loan.

2) The loan bank shall issue a letter of intent for the loan after passing the examination, and the borrower shall receive the form required for the loan.

3) The borrower shall sign a contract or agreement for ordering and building houses with the sales and construction units based on the letter of intent for loan.

4) The borrower signs a mortgage contract with the loan bank and deposits the self raised funds into the loan bank.

5) The borrower shall handle the guarantee procedures: the borrower who uses the real estate mortgage shall go to the property right department to handle the "other house ownership certificate" and the "real estate mortgage confirmation". If the securities are pledged, the securities shall be handed over to the loan bank for collection and pledge, and a loan contract shall be signed.

6) For the loan for house purchase, the loan bank shall transfer the loan together with the borrower's deposit to the account of the unit selling the house. For the loan for building and repairing the house, the borrower shall pay according to the loan contract.

Problems to be noted:

1) According to the possibility of loan, we should choose the type of house loan scientifically. From the perspective of loan interest rate, the interest rate of "personal housing accumulation fund loan" is the most favorable, followed by the interest rate of "bank personal housing mortgage loan". The provident fund loan has the advantages of low loan interest rate, reduced handling fees related to loan, and the loan amount of family members' provident fund can be used in combination. Therefore, as long as the employees pay the provident fund in full and on time, they should first apply for what they can get The maximum amount and the longest term of provident fund loans. For those who are not able to apply for the "personal housing fund loan" due to the failure to pay the accumulation fund, they can apply to the bank for a certain amount and term of the "bank personal housing mortgage loan" by using the purchased house as mortgage, or the units and natural persons with sufficient compensation ability as guarantee.

2) We should scientifically choose the method of monthly repayment according to whether to repay the loan in advance in the future. At present, banks mainly provide two methods: equal principal and interest repayment method and equal principal and unequal interest repayment method. Therefore, if you do not plan to prepay in the future, you should choose the later repayment method, which will reduce the total interest expense of the loan.