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Why does trump connect with Amazon again? Sales volume of Amazon trump

Why does trump connect with Amazon again? Trump said the U.S. Postal Service loses an average of $1.50 for each package it sends to Amazon! Amazon sells trump.

US President trump tweeted another attack on Amazon on the 31st local time.

Trump said the U.S. Postal Service lost an average of $1.50 for each package it sent to Amazon. The total is billions of dollars. He also pointed out that Bezos' Washington Post reported fake news and was used by Bezos as a lobbying tool for its policies. If the U.S. Postal Service raises the package rate, Amazon's transportation costs will increase by $2.6 billion. Amazon now has to pay real costs and taxes.

Trump has repeatedly criticized Amazon and Bezos. According to the previous report, trump had called on the U.S. Postal Service on Twitter to charge Amazon more for distribution. On twitter, he said, 'why does the U.S. Postal service charge Amazon and other businesses so little for distribution when it loses billions of dollars a year? Amazon is getting richer, and the postal service is getting poorer. The post office should raise the cost greatly! '

Trump did not provide evidence to support the criticism or suggest any concrete action he might take. According to the US current affairs news website Axios, trump paid close attention to the world's largest online retailer and hoped to curb Amazon's growing power, perhaps using federal antitrust or competition laws to curb it.

Amazon shares fell 5% immediately after the Axios report, Reuters reported. Amazon shares fell as much as 4.5% in early trading on March 29, but then recovered. Amazon has yet to comment on Trump's criticism.

Trump's attack on Amazon reflects a broader debate about the company's impact on the U.S. economy, the report said.

According to surging news (www.thepaper. CN), many of Amazon's 566000 full-time and part-time employees are in the United States, and the company allows some small sellers to grow with its services; however, some people criticize the company for promoting more consumers to shop online, thus pushing physical stores out of the market.

Amazon has invested $5 billion in North America to set up a second headquarters, promising to create another 50000 new jobs. In January, the number of candidate sites for Amazon's proposed new corporate Park was reduced to 20, which was contested by state and local governments, and many of them proposed substantial preferential tax treatment.

Amazon has been accused of trying not to pay the state consumption tax, but since April last year, in the 45 states that collect the consumption tax, Amazon has taken the initiative to collect the state consumption tax when selling goods directly to buyers. But Amazon doesn't have to charge excise taxes on third-party sellers who use its sales platform services.

Kevin Hassett, chairman of the White House Council of economic advisers, said the issue sparked Trump's anger. 'sellers & hellip; & hellip; on Amazon don't charge GST. That's about half of their sales, "he said.

It's not clear whether Amazon should be responsible for USPS's losses, but Wall Street analysts estimate that Amazon's postage payments to USPS are only half that of ups and FedEx. Details of the postage Amazon paid to USPS were not disclosed. USPS did not comment on Trump's tweet.