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What are the new features of the new version of wechat? How to check the number of visitors on wecha

Recently, according to the latest official news of wechat, wechat has released a new version. Many netizens said that the villain who accompanied us to see the earth has disappeared these years! It's not suitable for the new version of wechat, so what are the new features of the new version of wechat? How to check the number of visitors on wechat?

On the 21st, wechat released version 7.0 in the app store, and the Android version is expected to be updated in the next few days.

Usually wechat's positive integer version number means a major update, this time it is no exception.

Some netizens can't wait to experience it first.

Let's take you to see what changes wechat has made this time.


The opening screen has changed

Poke into wechat, first of all, we will find that the villain who accompanied us to see the earth together in these years has disappeared!

The opening screen animation of the first run is a flower under the blue sky background, with a copy: because you see it, it exists.

For this open screen animation, Zhang Xiaolong released a circle of friends, quoting Wang Yangming's words:

When you do not see the flower, it will be quiet with your heart; when you see the flower, the color of the flower will be clear for a while.

But netizen: 'middle aged and elderly aesthetic? '

Just separated, many netizens began to miss the back of the villain before.

However, after my own experience, I found that only the first time I landed in the open screen animation is the flower under the blue sky, and then the open screen is still the back of the earth and children.


Interface fade

Make complaints about the new interface. In this revision, the overall style of the interface becomes more flat.

In the eyes of users, it feels like wechat has turned white!

To this, netizens can say very ungrateful: 'dazzling'.

In addition, wechat icon color becomes lighter.

Like the netizens boast 'good-looking'.

Those who do not like love make complaints about "dilute water," and "too beautiful."


'time video' Online

The highlight of this update is the 'moment video' feature.

Click "I" to enter the personal page. There is a camera symbol in the upper right corner. Click it to record or upload a small video immediately. After recording, you can also score music and add emoticons.

After the release, within 24 hours, friends can see it, and can come to "bubble" messages.


Three small details

Wechat also updated the "strong reminder" function. In the chat details page, you can set up single chat, and never miss the person you care about.

In addition, the public key's "Grandpa Zan" button becomes "nice".

Users can browse articles that their friends think are good-looking in "take a look";

This caused some netizens' discomfort:

But for the official account operators, it is a good opportunity to promote articles.

So, if you like today's article, please poke a good look, thank you!

Make complaints about WeChat's &hellip after reprinting; make complaints about …

The worry of this netizen can be said to be very practical:

Has your wechat been updated?

How do you feel about the experience? If you have any questions, you can leave a message to Xiaobian in time!