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What are the creative and funny programs in the annual meeting of the company? Creative and funny pe

2018 is coming to an end, and 2019 is coming soon. Now many enterprises, schools, etc. are preparing for the annual meeting. What are the creative and funny programs of the company's annual meeting? Let's have a look at the creative and funny performances of the annual meeting.


Beautiful and beautiful interactive show "the charm of flowers" full of petals. The lights are dazzling, and the scene shows the world of flower language full of fantasy. The dancer's posture and colorful beauty are released as if he is in the flower sea and fashionable painting style, showing his youth, flexibility and pure beauty. At the same time, it brings a romantic and aesthetic visual feast.

Number of actors: 1

Performance duration: 3 minutes

Performance mode: LED or holography (holography is preferred)


Beautiful and touching single person interactive show dance flower language legend. With graceful, gorgeous and light dance and dreamlike flower language effect, it conveys the beautiful development trend just like the blooming of flowers and gives off brilliant brilliance.

Number of actors: 1

Performance duration: 3 minutes

Performance mode: LED


Holographic drum, full of high-tech and festive feeling, has made a bold breakthrough and innovation in the style of drum music. It not only retains the original national traditional percussion classic, but also innovates the playing method with a strong sense of the times. It integrates traditional Chinese elements into the video, perfectly combines the traditional drum, dance and modern science and technology, and makes the original single percussion performance sound shape complete. Drum is the symbol of spirit, which inspires people to unite and advance. At the same time, it brings the audience a magical and wonderful audio-visual experience!

Number of actors: 6

Performance duration: 4 minutes

Performance mode: holographic projection


"Dazzle dance era" with dynamic charm of dazzle dance is a fashionable and passionate dance performance. The separation of light and shadow, relaxation and degree, bring magnificent visual effect, young dancers follow the rhythm of passion, fast switching between black and white lights, music and dance are full of passion and vitality, performing a new era and embarking on a new journey. With the belief of winning, we will firmly advance and lead a new way of life with enthusiasm.

Number of actors: 1 performance duration: 3 minutes performance mode: LED interaction


New super happy 3D "holographic lion dance". Lion dance is a traditional Chinese performance, which is considered as a auspicious thing to ward off evil spirits and avoid harm. Whenever there is a festival or a major event, there must be lion waking and dancing, which has been handed down from generation to generation. Now we are introducing the perfect integration of traditional culture and modern technology, the innovative form of lion dance performance and holographic black technology, and advancing with the times, which is our attitude! At the same time, it meets people's audio-visual experience. Suitable for large-scale performance, high-end dinner, business activities, annual party, business activities, etc...

Number of actors: 4 lions (8 people) performance time: 4 minutes performance mode: LED interactive or holographic projection (holographic is preferred)


High end customized "the future has come", full of science and technology sense, full of imagination, 3D wonderful special effects deduce the brand connotation, through the interaction between dancers and screen, show the audience a real naked 3D interactive effect, let the audience deeply experience the brand's sense of art, science and technology and innovative image. Facing the beautiful scene of future intelligent life, we are full of yearning for the future.

Number of actors: 1 performance duration: 3 minutes performance mode: holographic projection


Super cool "holographic magic" gives the audience a sense of mystery and fantasy. Under the guidance of holographic projection technology, let our world be more interesting, and what kind of wonderful magic feast will there be? Especially for the influence of stage performance, there are also earth shaking changes. No longer constrained by the traditional stage performance form, it brings the beautiful picture from the stage to the audience. There is no boundary between virtual and reality. Suitable for parties, annual meetings, business shows, press conferences, etc

Number of actors: 1 performance duration: 3 minutes performance mode: holographic projection


Modern and handsome "mirror man" mechanical dance. The dancers wear unique design and sparkling clothes. With the light music rhythm, the new and cool mechanical dance steps, the movements are changeable and smooth. It seems that people are in outer space, feeling the infinite charm brought by the new world of science fiction, making people bright in front of their eyes, and being able to ignite the whole scene in an instant. Suitable for large-scale performance, high-end dinner, business activities, annual party, business activities, etc.


The full-color animation "3D Laser Dance" is a new dance form integrating laser programming, dance creativity and music production. No matter the new concept of vision brought by music sound effect or the new impact brought by light effect vision, dancers are accompanied by dynamic music rhythm, just like the magician in the light and shadow world, the laser seems to be endowed with the spirit of life, sometimes the light moves with the shadow, sometimes the human dance blends. In the form of light, the audience has been brought into the mysterious and sci-fi wonderland of space, emitting the hegemonic style of "the world is dominated by me". It seems that we can enjoy a changing journey of light easily.

Number of actors: 1-5

Performance duration: 3 minutes

Performance mode: electro optic interaction


Creative holographic projection interactive video show "science and technology set sail". With the integration of dynamic music and video, the dancers have a novel display, rich pictures, and a wide range of contents. The on-site effect is very shocking and exciting. 3D light and shadow special effects show the majestic scientific and technological innovation leading the business transformation. The new mode sets sail, witnessing the birth of a new mode and a new creative force.

Number of actors: 1