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Which kind of sound quality is good for about 2000 headphones? About 2000 headphones

Earphones are the most commonly used electronic products in our life. It's a good choice whether we watch movies or listen to music. Especially this kind of headset is very popular among young people. Today, let's make up a list of about 2000 yuan headphones for you to tell you which one has the best sound quality.

1. Beats Solo wireless: beats' headphones are equipped with a dynamic coil magnetic type, so the sound of the headphones will be very natural, will not produce a sense of pressure on the ear, and the resolution is very high.

Reference price: 2188rmb

Headset configuration: Micro USB interface, single side wire

2. Sony mdr-1000x: Sony's earphone is a combination of dynamic ring and earphone magnetic type, so its driving ability will be very high, and its sensitivity is also very good. It is a good choice whether listening to music or playing games at ordinary times.

Reference price: 1999rmb

Headset configuration: 4-40000 Hz frequency response range, 46 ohm product impedance

3. Sennheiser momentum: Sennheiser's earphone is ranked the third in the list of headphones around 2000. It is very popular in the domestic market. Because of its high sound quality and sensitivity, many young people like to use it when playing games or listening to music.

Reference price: 1899rmb

Headset configuration: 16-22000hz frequency response range, 18 ohm product impedance

4. Diamond tears of magic sound: the earphone of magic sound is very popular. This series of diamond tears is not only of first-class sound quality, but also fashionable and high-end in appearance design.

Reference price: 2058rmb

Headset configuration: 20-20000hz frequency response range, 32 ohm product impedance

5. Beats studio wireless: the sound quality of this headset is very good, and the clarity and details are also rich. It's recommended to you. It's also quite good in sensitivity, so it's a good choice to listen to music.

Reference price: 1998rmb

Headset configuration: 100-18000hz frequency response range, 32 ohm product impedance

6. Iron triangle ath-msr7b: this earphone of iron triangle adopts the dynamic magnetic type, which is also very small in the product impedance, so the sound quality is very high, it will not produce noise and point flu, usually it is very good to watch movies and listen to music.

Reference price: 1889rmb

Headset configuration: 5-50000hz frequency response range, 36 ohm product impedance

7. AKG k712 Pro: in the list of headphones around 2000, AKG adopts the plug of stereo plug to improve the sensitivity of headphones. When listening to music, the sound quality will be greatly improved, so you don't need to worry about noise.

Reference price: 2000RMB

Headset configuration: 10-39800hz frequency response range, 62 ohm product impedance

8. Sennheiser gsp600: Sennheiser is a headset with many functions. It is a good choice whether you watch movies, listen to music or play games. The overall sound quality, sensitivity and resolution are very high.

Reference price: 2099rmb

Headset configuration: 10-30000 Hz frequency response range, 28 ohm product impedance