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What's the best way to get rid of wine quickly

What's the best way to get rid of wine quickly drunkenness is very harmful to our health, especially hangover. Alcohol can not only paralyze the nerves, but also paralyze the internal organs' metabolism function. Then how to get rid of drunkenness quickly after being drunk? What are the food to get rid of drunkenness? Let's have a look!

How to get rid of wine quickly?

The first method

After drunk, you can drink some honey properly, not only can sober up quickly, but also can effectively relieve the headache caused by drunk, which is beneficial to our health.

The second method

Eat fruit or drink fruit juice. The more common fruit for wine dissolving are grapes, apples, oranges, pears, sugarcane and so on.

In addition to sobering up, some fruits also have the functions of vomiting and headache relief, which are relatively healthy and economic ways to relieve alcohol.

The third method

Mung bean soup and mung bean sauce have a very good effect on alcohol, so you can take some mung bean in your life, wash it, mash it, and then boil it into soup for drinking.

The fourth method

With fresh eggs and milk can also play the role of alcohol.

Because milk itself can play a role in protecting the stomach, fried egg white and milk together, can play a role in sobering up and antipyretic. The effect is not bad.

The fifth method

A simple and commonly used method is to apply a towel to the forehead. This method is not fast, but it is more economical and convenient, and can be used at any time.

The sixth method

If the drunk is very serious, then appropriate use white vinegar with a little sugar, stir it evenly and drink it, can also play a very good effect.

White vinegar is about 20-30ml, white sugar is only a few grams.

Food for the sake of alcohol


Watermelon is the best fruit for clearing heat and eliminating fire. Some people are hot and dry after drinking. They can eat some watermelon properly, which can cool down the temperature and reduce the fire, and speed up the alcohol discharge from the urine.


After drinking, eating a few bananas can increase the blood sugar concentration, reduce the proportion of alcohol in the blood, achieve the purpose of relieving alcohol, and relieve the symptoms of palpitation and chest distress.

Thick rice soup

Rice soup is rich in a variety of sugars and B vitamins. It has the effect of detoxification. Drinking a bowl of thick rice soup after drinking can quickly relieve alcohol.

Bean curd

When drinking, eating a few pieces of tofu can not only relieve the alcohol, but also promote the rapid expulsion of alcohol from the body.


Fresh grapes are rich in tartaric acid, which can be combined with alcohol to form ester substances, so as to achieve the purpose of alcohol.


Celery is rich in B vitamins. B vitamins can decompose alcohol, which is very effective to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and blush after drinking.


Ginger can relieve alcohol, nausea after drinking, can cut a piece of ginger in the mouth.


Sour grapefruit is also a good antidote. Fresh grapefruit dipped in white sugar is very helpful to eliminate the alcohol in the mouth.

Schisandra chinensis

Schisandra chinensis can promote the secretion of bile, accelerate the decomposition of alcohol. After drinking a cup of hot water soaked Schisandra chinensis, it can quickly dissolve the alcohol.

It can also take the liver nourishing tablet containing Schisandra. Before drinking, it can increase the amount of alcohol, promote the decomposition of alcohol, relieve the headache, nausea and other drunken symptoms, and achieve the effect of alcohol and liver protection.

Conclusion: through the above reading, I believe that you have a certain understanding of several quick ways to solve the problem. It is inevitable that you are greedy in life, or friends can't stop you from persuading you to drink. It is very important to understand the effective way to solve the problem. When you are drunk, you can choose the appropriate way to solve the problem quickly, which is beneficial to your health.