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Why is 2019 Expressway not free? Free schedule of 2019 full Expressway

is the highway free on New Year's Day 2019? The free passage of the highway can save everyone the time of queuing at the toll station, and also save a lot of money for people who drive home long distances. Will the highway be free on New Year's day in 219? Not yet. So for those who need to travel, they must be prepared in advance. Don't make a dragon.

Is the expressway free on New Year's Day 2019

No free.

The whole new year's Day holiday in 2019 is charged, so there is no new year's Day expressway for free for several days. The 2019 freeway free festivals are Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, labor day and national day, that is to say, new year's Day 2019, may day, Dragon Boat Festival and mid autumn freeway are not free.

Therefore, the new year's Day Expressway in 2019 will be charged according to normal standards, and all vehicles on the expressway will need to pay a toll.

holiday schedule on New Year's Day 2019

New year's day in 2019: from December 30, 2018 to January 1, 2019.

New year's day in 2019: three days in total.

Go to work on December 29 (Saturday), 2018, and make up for the shift on December 31 (Monday), 2018. Therefore, three consecutive days are off on December 30 (Sunday), December 31, 2018 (Monday), and January 1, 2019 (Tuesday). So before and after is December 29, 2018 (Saturday), January 2, 2019 (Wednesday).

Implementation plan of freeway free passage

(1) The time range of free passage is four national legal holidays, including spring festival, Qingming Festival, labor day and national day, as well as the above-mentioned legal holidays determined by the general office of the State Council in that year. The free time period starts from 00:00 on the first day of the holiday and ends at 24:00 on the last day of the holiday (the time when vehicles pass the toll lane of toll station shall prevail for ordinary highways, and the time when vehicles leave the exit toll lane shall prevail for expressways).

(2) The range of free vehicles is less than 7 (including 7) passenger vehicles running toll roads, including motorcycles allowed to run on general toll roads.

(3) The scope of toll roads for free passage shall be toll roads (including toll bridges and tunnels) approved by law in accordance with the provisions of the highway law of the people's Republic of China and the regulations on the administration of toll roads. Whether airport expressways in all regions are free of charge shall be decided by the people's governments of all provinces (districts and cities).